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  1. Week after week I wait for news about new content coming to console, mainly servers. Some of us have been waiting for “fresh servers” to come since the release of the first “fresh ones” probably about a year ago now. ( wasn’t that supposed to be a monthly basis thing?) I waited for news from you guys for so long thinking you will release some next week. Never came. Even now pc has classic and console have to YouTube to experience it. What a joke tbh. Am I crazy or stupid? Probably both. The game is stale. F it. After 4600 hours you have lost me. Not that it matters. At all.
  2. How’s the performance on switch? Console is 50/50 at the best of times.
  3. A range of new servers for consoles. Maybe new game modes.
  4. I agree. It’s been a while. We have the same game. Paid the same money for it and dlc. Fresh servers would great.
  5. I really hope that the solo/duo servers, If they get released, also come to console. I have to question my life when I’m considering buying a pc to be able to play some fresh ark servers. Rust doesn’t look to bad either 👍
  6. Add some fresh servers on Xbox please. Want to play so bad but it’s pointless with the current state of severs. Starting from scratch against people with everything never ends well. I feel like a wipe every now and again would also be good for the community. Keep it fresh switching to pc may have an upside tho
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