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  1. Teaser for Season 3!! These are builds for the Starter Town along with an arena for events! https://imgur.com/gallery/fGaInu9
  2. [PC] Accidental Gaming - RP | Center | x2XP, x3H, x5T, x6B │ Mods - Season 3 (1/31/20 Our Story The year is 3100. The corrupting influence of uncontrolled Element is killing the universe. The System, a hyper-intelligent sentient computer has snatched our characters from various parts of the universe, because according to its calculations we stand a chance of fixing things and giving the universe a second chance. Helena/She Who Waits was part of an earlier attempt to stop Element but failed. She and System reluctantly kidnapped members of various different races and bring them to the initial ARK to try to halt the spread of Element. Your character can be one of six different races, a half-breed or a shapeshifter! Each race has its own lore, home world and political affiliations. There are two main factions brought on by a recent war. When humans attempted to colonize and terraform a planet that they thought was uninhabited, the intelligent species (Glashtyrians) that lived there fought back and recruited two other races to help them. Humans, in turn, dug their heels in and recruited others to their side. Ultimately the war ended with a peace treaty, however relationships between the two factions remains tense at best. Welcome to Accidental Gaming Welcome to Accidental Gaming! We are a community run cluster. All major changes are made by community vote. Our story is intentionally flexible and broad. We want a diverse array of players and characters! We have a currency system on our cluster, but the economy is purely player run (no buy or sell tables). Our gamemode is PvP but we have strict rules in place about PvP and it MUST be done with the consent of both parties involved. No one is allowed to run around attacking all they choose, but it is an option we leave open for our players to explore. Make alliances, broker trades, gather friends!! You’ve landed on an unknown world and must survive! What sets us apart from other servers? Our servers are heavily configured. We have an in-game shop system, professions that unlock exclusive engrams, an automated quest system and much more! Our story will change based on decisions made by factions and characters. We have extremely active admins that are planning and coding all of this! We want Accidental Gaming to be a roleplay community that is set apart from the rest! Details Server Name: Accidental Gaming RP Maps: Center with additional maps added as the story progresses Discord: https://discord.gg/QdjTYu7 Website: Coming Soon! Server Connections: Please join our discord for information on how to join the cluster. You will need to submit a backstory before you can be added to the exclusive join list. Slots: 70 players per server Mods: Join discord for steam mod collection! Some servers have different mods than others. Structures + Platforms + Dino Storage V2 (Heavily configured) HG Stacking Mod 5000 Rare Sightings Death Helper Naturalism 2 - Fantasy Shapes Immersive Taming Super Spyglass Capitalism Currency Capitalism Player Trader Lethal’s Reusables Eco's RP Decor Naj’s Speedy Flyers Classic Armor Skins Eco’s Garden Decor Advanced Rafts Eco's Stable Structures Peachy Viking Decor Peachy Decor Additional Lighting Additional Emotes Gryphons Snappy Saddles & Rafts EcoTrees RP Visual Storage Small Dragons 2.0 Plugins ArkShop Advanced Kits Lootboxes Advanced Achievements GhostRider Item Upgrader Dino Colorizer VIP Rates: Xp - 2x, Harvesting - 3x, Taming - 5x, Breeding - 6x Wild Dinos: Max wild level - 170 Max Tribe Members: 10 per map Max Tame Limit Per Tribe: 500 per map (does not include soultraps) More Info: All servers are clustered so you can freely travel and enjoy all maps. Almost all major decisions are completely community based. All changes are put to a vote and recorded in discord. Weekend events which increase harvesting, breeding, taming, rare sightings, extremely high level alphas to kill for loot, etc. Random in game events! Some community run, some admin run. All are encouraged to make events! Active discord server - serves as an extension of the game. Patreon donation packages are available. See Discord for details. Custom questing system created and maintained by server admin. Certain game breaking S+ structures have been disabled. This is to make sure there is a balanced game play.
  3. Join us in watching the new wildcard countdown to.... probably another countdown!
  4. The Center is coming online tonight with Immersive Taming and more Rare Sightings dinos than any other map!
  5. We've also added the Valguero map extension and now have aberrant Deino and a lot of other DLC tames!
  6. The community vote and we've added some new mods to some of the maps! The Center now has Immersive Taming, Eco Gardens and Eco TreesLite Valguero now has Eco Gardens and Eco TreesLite
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