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  1. We had a busy weekend raising 8 Rexes, 4 Tek Raptors and 7 Argys - we hatched the Argys by mistake as we forgot we were incubating them. It happened just as we were going to log off so it was a long night. We also tamed a UNICORN that I was luckily enough to spot whilst we were regaining stamina on our Argies just North of Redwood after a Obsi/ Crystal metal run - we farmed about 40k ingots , plus loads of crystal and obsidian and its all going into our new roof. I cant help but look up and see what could have been my new Giga ? The tribe leader was so thrilled with the Unicorn that he immediately borrowed another from another server so we can breed them. All in all a good weekend.
  2. I did a bit of scouting around around Red Peak in preparation for getting an Argentavis. Not a sucessful outing. I saw my first untamed Rex (s) and a whole host of other creatures. Magnificent scenery on the mountain. Next I decided to fly around the swamp for something to do and saw an odd looking creature below me. I flew in close to get a better look and was knocked off of my Ptera by a flying creature. Then a Titanaboa appeared out of nowhere and you can guess the rest. I returned to the area on a spare Ptera but there was no sign of my other one. Live and learn
  3. Today I took a flight on my Ptera from my base in the Footpaw up the East coast to approx 62-16. On the way I saw a giant red floating tower thing that was ringed by tamed donosaurs, lots of huge bases that contained hundreds of dinos, but best of all, once I was at 62-16 I could see a huge mountain shaped like a volcano in the distance. I decided that an adventure to there would be for another day. I then returned home and went out and tamed my first Raptor. Feeling inspired by my success, I went on a rampage with it - those dodos never stood a chance ? Another fun day in Ark
  4. My day is not so grand as Im still new to the game. I logged on quickly before I left for work this morning to check on my first baby dino. Alas, it had starved to death during the night, poor little thing. On a positive note, it now leaves me free to start my first ever raft voyage of exploration. I was going to head West and North from the Footpaw but was advised that an Easterly trip along the South would be safer. Im hoping to bag my first Raptor along the way. I have a saddle ready and plan to ride it home and then use a sleeping bag to return to my raft. Im looking forward to my trip immensely.
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