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  1. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Best caving Dino?

    Hi, title says all. I’m trying to run the caves (the hard ones, like swamp and artifact of the strong caves) and I want to know the best creatures to like specifically tame and breed for caving. I use to run the caves on my lvl 1000 raptor that I got thru god console, but now I wanna do it legit lol. Thanks.
  2. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Despawning tames

    I’ve recently left my base on a journey to slaughter some penguins for the polymer. When I arrived back, my flyers all disappeared (despawned). Now, typically I would just “request” every single one back, but since my quetz had a platform saddle, I couldn’t get him back, thus leading to sadness. In the end, I just rolled back a previous save and resumed life. Devs, could you please try and fix tame despawning issues? Thanks.
  3. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Best caving Dino?

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think devs patched arthro according to some angry posts on the big report and support section. Again, not 100% sure. I might go for wolf or saber I guess, but if arthro still works, imma cheese the hard ones with it
  4. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Tame limit suggestions

    I know this isn’t a bug report or support issue, but I figured that putting it here will allow the devs to see it. Anyway, the tame limit currently in single player is a bit too restricting and low imo. Like I get this is the mobile version and thus can’t support a large amount of tames like pc, but still, 40 tames is pretty low, especially on sp. (I don’t play multiplayer cuz trust issues) I’ll suggest pumping the tame limit up a bit, but not too insane, like we could have 60 tames without primal pass and we could have 90 with primal pass. I know I probably only need like 10 Dinos to do stuff in the game, but what if you want variety, or making a kibble farm, or mass breeding? Anyway please consider the above and thank you devs! I love this game, and I love how the devs listen to you and the great customer support, so keep it up!
  5. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Cave of the strong

    Is this really true? Was planning on taming an arthro but dunno now. Damn 40 tame slots bothering me so much I gotta ration my tame amounts.
  6. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Do unicorns despawn?

    Title is the question. Do unicorns despawn? I’m trying to trap one I found in my base until I could get griffin kibble, but I’m not sure if they despawn or not. So all answers are welcome. Thanks.
  7. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Do unicorns despawn?

    Welp it died from a raptor pack... ?
  8. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Despawning tames

    Yes they were on neutral. My question is: since they just moved a bit, theoretically if I looked hard enough, I could still find them right? Or do they just disappear or fall off the map?
  9. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Despawning tames

    This was on single player. My flyers were in a pen with a roof over their heads. This happened to my other non flyers before too, I just don’t know what caused them to disappear.
  10. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Questions regarding updates

    Hi, I’m just wondering whether if new creatures will spawn on preexisting single player games. For example, if in the future the yutyrannus is added, will it show up in a single player world that was created before the update? I’m asking this cuz it seems like new creatures never spawn in into preexisting single player saves. If there are any answers, that will be appreciated.
  11. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Questions regarding updates

    Do you have to like kill everything in the surrounding area?
  12. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Questions regarding Ancient Amber

    So im looking through the ancient amber description, (on wiki and on ark mobile website), and it says that you could harvest them from large carnivores and deposits around the map apparently. Any ideas what it means?
  13. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Griffin Diving Bug

    Initially, my griffin flew and dived perfectly fine and normally. However, after tributing an artifact and flying my griffin again (I’m don’t know if these two events are connected), my griffin flew like a regular flyer and lost the ability to dive and to glide on descent. Can someone please explain to me what just happened and if there are any fixes? Thanks.
  14. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Problem with golden collar/ dps collar

    So i don't know if this was intentional or not, but when I equip my tames (only ones that can roar like the rex), with either dps collar (bowtie), or golden collar (which also has dps effect), and I tell my tame to attack a target, all it does is roar. It doesn't attack the target lol. I don't know if this is a bug or whatnot, but I'm just letting the devs know. Ps: I know I could just ride my rex and beat up stuff, but I find it cooler to see it charging towards the target and killing it without a person riding on it.......
  15. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Griffin Diving Bug

    No, I wasn’t equipped with anything. However, turns out the problem was me setting the speed to 400% and then diving. This caused it to bug out a bit. But still, thanks for the support.
  16. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Didn’t receive purchased amber

    Hello, recently, like an hour before writing this post, I purchased some amber. I bought the 0.99 amber purchase, and since I had primal pass, I should have received 17 amber. However, I don’t know if this is because I had relatively weak signal at the time or something else, but I didn’t receive a single amber. Please give me the amber or at least give me a refund. Thanks.
  17. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Didn’t receive purchased amber

    May I ask where I find the form please? Thank you.
  18. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Creating a new world glitch

    So I have decided to create a new save and start Ark all over again, but this time on harder difficulty levels (the hardest one to be exact). I saved my current world to the loca save slot1. Then I deleted the current save. I went back to title screen, pressed play and chose single player, Brutal difficulty. Upon spawning, the creatures were still low leveled, and all my stuff from the previous save is still there, along with all my tames. I couldn’t interact with my tames from the previous save. I just want to start a new world fresh from anything, but this keeps happening. Is there a solution to this? Any responses are welcome. Thanks.
  19. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Giganotosaurus Requesting Feature

    Is it just me, or are Gigas “unrequestable”. Whenever I want to request one, the request button can’t be pressed.
  20. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Mesopithicus abilities in mobile

    Hi, I recently just tamed a mesopithicus, and I just want to know if he flings poop in mobile. Thanks.
  21. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Giga Questions

    I get it now. Thanks guys.
  22. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Giga Questions

    Hello, citizens of this forum. I have a tamed giga which is now currently at level 54. I believe that he was at level 20 after taming. I just want to know how far I’ll be able to level him up before getting stopped by the level caps, and what how much health and melee I should level up if I want to use my giga as a meat gatherer/alpha killer. Currently has 17120 hp and 35.8 melee. Thank you for your time.
  23. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Giga Questions

    Wait, so after breeding, the offspring will have the base stats of each parents or the leveled up stats? And how effective is the imprinting? As always, thanks for the suggestions.
  24. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Giga Questions

    Welp, that means my Giga’s gonna have low melee...
  25. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Tamed theorizino just disappeared...

    Hello, today my tamed therizinosaur just vanished. He was not on my tames list, nor did he show up on my transponder tracker. He just vanished for no reason. Same thing happened to my Rex a couple of weeks earlier. Just disappeared with no trace. Devs, please fix this issue as there’s no point in taming a creature just to see disappear.