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  1. Do Titanosaurus eat in single player? I’ve just tamed a titanosaur in single player and I just want to know whether they will eat by themselves. I’m pretty sure that they are a permanent tame in single player, but I just want to make sure. Also, how low does the hunger stay need to go in order for a Dino to eat?
  2. Yea lol that’s what I’ve been doing, and all I get is the monkey. Guess I gotta keep trying. Ark crashes every time I restore the save file too, so that makes the whole thing take even longer lol.
  3. What are the chances of getting the noctis instead of the megapithecis? So, I’ve been constantly getting the megapithecis and i just want to know from any of u who got the noctis arena instead, how many “tries” did it take? btw i did get the noctis on my 3rd try and tamed it but after a while it freaking disappeared off my tame list and now I basically lost it, so now I’m desperately trying to tame another one..... used up a huge soothing balm too.......
  4. I completed everything but I don’t know if that’s the reason that the boss appears. It’s pretty rare and random. I got the monkey a fair few times before getting the noctis.
  5. Is Noctis a temporary tame? So I just tamed myself the secret boss noctis and wasted a large balm on it. And after a while it turned invisible and then it completely disappeared, like off of the tame list too. So I’m wondering if it’s a temporary tame. Please enlighten me.
  6. Title is the question. Do unicorns despawn? I’m trying to trap one I found in my base until I could get griffin kibble, but I’m not sure if they despawn or not. So all answers are welcome. Thanks.
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