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  1. I completed everything but I don’t know if that’s the reason that the boss appears. It’s pretty rare and random. I got the monkey a fair few times before getting the noctis.
  2. Is Noctis a temporary tame? So I just tamed myself the secret boss noctis and wasted a large balm on it. And after a while it turned invisible and then it completely disappeared, like off of the tame list too. So I’m wondering if it’s a temporary tame. Please enlighten me.
  3. 2.0 dungeon questions Just some questions for devs if they are willing to answer: 1. Is god mode allowed in the dungeons in single player? 2. How powerful are the bosses going to be? In single player I can’t imagine that one can take on something like the dragon or broodmother alone. 3. Are all future Dino’s that are implemented to the game just be dungeon exclusive? 4. Will store bought buffs be allowed in dungeons, such as 10x weight, resistance to weather etc. yeah that’s it, if I could get some answers that would be great. Thanks.
  4. This is just a suggestion for god console. I dunno where to put this thread so I put it here in general. PLS add forcetaming to God console. It will make life a whole lot easier. Writing this after my 57th attempt at trying to tame a Titanosaurus. Anyway if the Dev sees this, pls consider my suggestions. Thanks.
  5. I’m not 100% sure, but I think devs patched arthro according to some angry posts on the big report and support section. Again, not 100% sure. I might go for wolf or saber I guess, but if arthro still works, imma cheese the hard ones with it
  6. Hi, title says all. I’m trying to run the caves (the hard ones, like swamp and artifact of the strong caves) and I want to know the best creatures to like specifically tame and breed for caving. I use to run the caves on my lvl 1000 raptor that I got thru god console, but now I wanna do it legit lol. Thanks.
  7. Do you have to like kill everything in the surrounding area?
  8. Hi, I’m just wondering whether if new creatures will spawn on preexisting single player games. For example, if in the future the yutyrannus is added, will it show up in a single player world that was created before the update? I’m asking this cuz it seems like new creatures never spawn in into preexisting single player saves. If there are any answers, that will be appreciated.
  9. So im looking through the ancient amber description, (on wiki and on ark mobile website), and it says that you could harvest them from large carnivores and deposits around the map apparently. Any ideas what it means?
  10. So I have decided to create a new save and start Ark all over again, but this time on harder difficulty levels (the hardest one to be exact). I saved my current world to the loca save slot1. Then I deleted the current save. I went back to title screen, pressed play and chose single player, Brutal difficulty. Upon spawning, the creatures were still low leveled, and all my stuff from the previous save is still there, along with all my tames. I couldn’t interact with my tames from the previous save. I just want to start a new world fresh from anything, but this keeps happening. Is there a solution to this? Any responses are welcome. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I recently just tamed a mesopithicus, and I just want to know if he flings poop in mobile. Thanks.
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