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  1. I’m using vault towers! 10 turrets+8 plants! Very effective go YouTube and search for ArkMobile 10 turrets + 8 plants. Tutorial there
  2. The tutorial is about getting lv97 in one day not how to farm artifacts
  3. Is possible, do random missions to get higher level, tame a wolf for swamp cave , use x15 buff before u exit cave and you will be lv80+ the trophy mission it will be unlocked. Level 10 required for open notes. Like I said, you need some help from mates!
  4. Hello boys, i made this tutorial for people who struggle to get lv97 and making quetz platform, I hope you guys will understand my broken English and please if you need more explanation or you have something to ask, hit the comment button and I will help you out, if you guys want more tutorials leave a comment ! ArkMobile With Joe - HOW TO GET LEVEL97 IN ONE DAY!
  5. I don’t really like rafts, for me they are one time use lol! But we come bk to towers! I think this design is much better and maybe can be more changed in time to give much more protection
  6. Hello! Plants Also prevent for someone to land on top doing suicide! Triple walls are 30k hp, okey is cheaper but still I prefer vaults cuz they are better to take damage than walls! The plots also are to shoot up in sky if anyone try to soak from above, slowing the birds will make them dead by turrets. As about rafts! Every raft is easy to destroy with another raft and shooting rpgs! I don’t like rafts, pretty good sometimes but not to durable if u offline for 10 minutes
  7. Hello! You can use grappling to get up on top! Is very easy! And I don’t think that someone is crazy enough to soak plant x it will take 2hours for one plant! I didn’t Said that is impossible to destroy the towers but it will be a lot much harder to do it! Unraidable bases dosent exist! Only bases who takes long time and much more mats to raid it! Build one, have a try
  8. Dont Look for unicorn, just play and in one day you or your tribe will Find one on just doing random stuff
  9. Drg


    Why you guys cry so much? Just to trophy room mission using xp buff from adds 3x xp buff and u will be lv97. So stop crying that is pay to win or pay to have fun
  10. So are you saying that you need to do 50 suicide c4 runs or shoot 40 rpgs in the vault to expose that, and after you need to destroy the pillar.... no? You don’t think that is a little to hard to destroy that vault and after pillar?
  11. As you can see i placed a trap dormit there with a ladder. U can put 800 duel that will be enough for 16 days
  12. Hello all, We all know how hard is to build a decent Tower that stops c4 suicids or queetz c4. I made a tutorial how to build an vault tower with 10 turrets and 8 plants working together. Sorry for bad quality. I used god console on some sides to speed up the run process! Hope you like it! 10 turrets + 8 plante video
  13. Drg

    Platform box ilegal?

    I seen a tribe having a paracer covered with 5 Dino gates, they didn’t used that yet, still need be reported?
  14. Drg

    Platform box ilegal?

    Is this bannable? I want an official answer from wardrums pls
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