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  1. hay i will be kinda new to the game i watch alot of people playing it tho

    i want to join if there is a space for 2 i will be bringing some one with me  

    and i count as a noob XD but i play alot of video games so i should be learning fast

    if ur answer is ok just send me the server name and my friend is good at building 

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    2. nicklovin07


      We have a rented server where I set the rules so it's a fair fight. It is still PVP with tribes but the rule I have is there isn't any tribe over 10 people. Anyways if that server doesn't work out let me know. You can come over and start up a tribe of your own. We will set you up with a quetz, anky, theri, and a doed. Those tames will help you get started up.

    3. moonkeeper


      my only prop is that is that i hate starting from lvl 1 XD

      it is a long way till lvl 67 (the on i am in now)

      but i wil let uk if i will join thx for the offer


    4. nicklovin07


      Yeah no problem and xp is at 3x so you should be able to level up pretty quick.

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