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  1. my log in screen just switches back and forth
  2. SeMmSeM


    Chibi can chibi be transfered to genesis along with our character?
  3. argy and grapple hook method for solo quetzal
  4. server is so lag that fish are not even biting baits. the constant rubber banding makes it imposible to fish
  5. Trying to build a underwater base with vacuum compartments but its crazy exp
  6. Think its best to kibble it first then force feed the chocolate so that it dosent drop progress.
  7. upvote for allies option
  8. SeMmSeM


    get a pelagornis
  9. Chances of getting chocolate from breeding are like 20% for me
  10. Does using better rod/bait affect the chances of getting better chibis?
  11. Valguero broodmother Does the broodmother gives any engram? can i beat it alone with a 34k hp 2500 dmg rex & primitive saddle?
  12. game freezes so frequently in extinction server
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