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  1. Classic PvP (specifically) due to having no quetzals is interesting to say the least. However, an issue I have seen many tribes including my own run into is picking up an ankylosaurus, doedic, beaver, and farming dino’s with its talons. The pick only works when done from specific angles, and when the ankylo clips on the side of a cliff, it’s not possible to pick unless moving the anky again, or if you’re an absolute pro. It shouldn’t take 10mins to do this action so I suggest this: Fix hitbox of ankylo /does/ small rideable dino picking OR Make ‘c’ pick the player only and ‘mb2’ or right click pick dino only, or vise versa PLEASE, it will make farming on classic servers at least bearable.
  2. Hey everyone! I made a return to ark official after hearing the smalltribes coming back. I just wanted to introduce myself as well as provide my discord in the event you’d ever like to discuss anything smalltribes. I am currently playing on one server, with a strong, around the clock team. I’d love to hear other players’ input in regards to anything ST related! New to the forums as well
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