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  1. Made a post with what i think are 2 good solutions
  2. ORP needs some love I know a lot of folks hate ORP. With the way it's set up I can really see why. You can't win a war. You can't clear annoying spam that tribes place just to be jerks. Abusers hide behind ORPed gates so on and so forth. However, it allows people to play in smaller groups and still have a life with work and family. It's nice to be able to have your tribe log off and not worry about where their 500 hours of time went when they log back on and see no beds. 2 ideas I thought of that I think would go a long way with making ORP better: 1- ORP is a timer that charges
  3. Playing on an Official ORP server, I think about solutions to issues we are dealing with all the time. So far, I have come up with 2 solutions which I think are viable that would solve multiple problems with ORP abuse and also map clutter. 1- ORP is a timer that charges while online and counts down while offline. Standard is- you create a tribe and you have say... 5 days worth of ORP. As your tribe is online, the ORP timer goes up to a max of say... 20 days. When your tribe logs off and your ORP kicks in, your structures are ORPed, and your 20 day timer is counting down. Should you b
  4. I completely agree with this. 2x everything would be the perfect increase. Not too much of an increase where you take everything built for granted as 1 metal node will build you a base, but enough to help you build up after a wipe. I had posted something about moving the evolution even around to different days of the week due to 9-5'ers and students having a farming edge, but the flat 2x with no evolution even would be a good solution as well.
  5. Baby Finder is useful on PvP too. I will say this for PvP.... have you ever had someone steal your parasaur and put it in their FOB nearby. ANNOYING AS F*&^. Anywho, a captured parasaur can really screw with someone your attacking. Because you can do this I think it's fine as is.
  6. i think some monstrosities of about 3 tek structures to cover all your crafting needs would be fantastic. Tek Kitchen (cooker, grill, smoker, fridge) Tek Fabricator (chem bench, indy forge) and the replicator. All like the replicator with 800 slots to keep your best BP's and plenty of mats. My thoughts on the subject anyway.
  7. I feel like if it doesn't already, an oviraptor should do this, on wonder, in a leash. Could work.
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