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  1. I completely agree with this. 2x everything would be the perfect increase. Not too much of an increase where you take everything built for granted as 1 metal node will build you a base, but enough to help you build up after a wipe. I had posted something about moving the evolution even around to different days of the week due to 9-5'ers and students having a farming edge, but the flat 2x with no evolution even would be a good solution as well.
  2. Baby Finder is useful on PvP too. I will say this for PvP.... have you ever had someone steal your parasaur and put it in their FOB nearby. ANNOYING AS F*&^. Anywho, a captured parasaur can really screw with someone your attacking. Because you can do this I think it's fine as is.
  3. i think some monstrosities of about 3 tek structures to cover all your crafting needs would be fantastic. Tek Kitchen (cooker, grill, smoker, fridge) Tek Fabricator (chem bench, indy forge) and the replicator. All like the replicator with 800 slots to keep your best BP's and plenty of mats. My thoughts on the subject anyway.
  4. I feel like if it doesn't already, an oviraptor should do this, on wonder, in a leash. Could work.
  5. Gribbles

    New tekgram

    I like this. Would cut down on base clutter, perhaps speed up servers a bit. Anything to cut down on the laaaaaaaaaaaaaag.
  6. Weekend vs Weekday Events Spread the Wealth I play on an official PvP server and have a shift work job where I work nights, weekends, holidays etc. Quite of few of my tribe mates do as well. When we're at war with a tribe of students and "9-5ers", they definitely have an advantage when it comes to farming and taming. It would be nice to see the weekend events/evolution events be mixed around to weekdays every now and then. Perhaps 1 out of 3 could be during the week.?.?
  7. Easy to disagree when you're charging people vaults of poly for you to remove spam so they can farm the resources. Easy to disagree when on other maps you have artifact and surface caves blocked. Hope Trash Tuesdays are going well Jansen. Must be bored since we left.
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