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  1. CtrlAltElite

    How does despawning work for high lvl tames?

    @WarDrumKeys @WarDrumBecca Can someone clarify this for me please?
  2. CtrlAltElite

    How does despawning work for high lvl tames?

    Thanks @ScreamingViolet. Yeah, I read that one, I think that was possibly the one that prompted my confusion though. So server restart happens everyday at midnight or thereabouts? Weirdly our shark lasted longer than that. However, annoyingly it was killed by another shark so we did not find out if it was going to despawn at some point. On Brutal the levels are crazy. There are lvl 435 dinos roaming around, meaning potentially a tame could come out at over lvl 600!
  3. CtrlAltElite

    How does despawning work for high lvl tames?

    Yeah as the poster above said, this is mobile. Thanks for the detailed answer anyway But anyone else know what the situation is re tames?
  4. I'm on the Titan PvP Brutal server, and we just tamed a Megalodon. It was lvl 360 when we caught it, and it became level 535 when it was tamed. I've seen something about tames despawning if they go over lvl 450? Does this mean that this one will despawn at some point soon? And does that also mean that we have to prejudge what level the creature might come out at after its tamed? Trying to get my head around this as it seems completely bizarre to me that instead of simply reducing the tamed creature's level to 450, it despawns it instead...
  5. CtrlAltElite

    Sea creatures keep getting beached!

    OK thanks, will try that.
  6. CtrlAltElite

    Dinos Stuck in the single player obilisk (XBOX ONE)

    This the the bug reporting forums for Ark Mobile, mate.
  7. CtrlAltElite

    Sea creatures keep getting beached!

    They don't get stuck if they have previously been free, just if they've only just been tamed. Its because they dash to the shallows just before they go unconscious. Then directly after they are tamed they get stuck wherever they are. Do you have any tips on getting them free?
  8. Our tamed sea creatures are constantly getting beached. We've managed to 'glitch' a few of them free by trying everything under the sun but most stay stuck which is very frustrating. When will the underwater request system be available?
  9. CtrlAltElite

    Beached Sea Creatures

    @WarDrumKeys Is this any closer to coming to fruition? Tamed sea creatures getting stuck happens constantly.
  10. CtrlAltElite

    Ancient Amber not given

    I'm starting to think they don't actually send it... I reported one about a month ago as well and got no acknowledgement that the submission was received and nothing since then. Its now happened again to me twice so I need to fill in that pointless form again. Instead of focusing on introducing a horse into the game for the next update, they should be concentrating on the experience of existing users. They're putting all that effort into such potentially great game then letting people down on the basic things.
  11. CtrlAltElite

    Buildings slowly being taken apart by server

    I have this same issue as well. I built a a large ramp made of lots of sloping roof elements with plenty of walls, floors and pillars to support it. Then after about 10 minutes, random parts of the ramp will disappear, meaning I need to fill those bits in again.. which is pointless because they just disappear again anyway...
  12. CtrlAltElite

    All my tames vanished from inside an enclosure in PVE

    I did wonder about that, but it was literally one day. Maybe they had worms
  13. I had only been logged out a matter of a day before logging back in to find that all my tames have completely vanished with no explanation as to why. I was on 4/15 tames, comprising a stego, a raptor, a pteranadon and an ankylo, all high levels. Now I'm at 0/15. I am on the Cave Terrors PVX server. After logging back in after one day of being offline, I got a message telling me that my Anklyo had been killed by an argentavis. Fair enough, I shouldn't have left it out in the middle of nowhere. That one makes sense. But then after leaving my little house in the PVE zone (very far away from my ankylo), I found that all my other dinosaurs had completely vanished from INSIDE their enclosure, with no evidence of any damage or forced entry and no messages telling me they had been killed. Would appreciate some detective work on this, doesn't seem very fair to me! Also, my character's name is Chronocide, and the server is Cave Terrors. Thanks in advance.
  14. Ah perfect thank you, I missed that
  15. CtrlAltElite

    App crashed while in mid air....

    Exactly the same thing happened to me, really annoying. I built structures as high as I could in the hope that my whistles would reach but didn't work. I ended up taming another pteranadon and flying up to get it.