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  1. So, what nerfs will be made to titans or type of defense brought in to deal with these things? Mega tribes can easily drop 10 titans of each kind when they're raiding a server, so only defense is having one alive yourself.
  2. Submitted question before. Why do you not step up and actively do something about meshing on console?
  3. Tek parasaur has to be the WORST addition. We've been waiting on the Tek Giga for ages. Now PvP'ers won't even have time to work on lines for it because we have to handle fighting over extinction map. I swear devs don't care for PvP. All the mods, etc, always for pve.
  4. Will there be a developer diary on the meshing situation that's currently running out of control on Console? Also, why are players getting dev wiped for protecting themselves from meshers through use of turrets at locations meshers use to get under a player's base?
  5. Do an unlimited weight event, increased harvest health, reduced boss fight mats, increased mutation chance, or something different. If not, fix meshing outside border on scorched already.
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