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  1. I am in the process of downloading the new update. I will send new invites when the update completes.
  2. My server is up and running right now. You can look for CajunCop1992 or Syphous211 on Xbox and join from there.
  3. Look for the gamertag CajunCop1992 on xbox and join the game.
  4. I had to reset my server, so we are now playing on Ragnarok. You can look for CajunCop1992 on xbox and then join the game. The server is up and running right now. We also have a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Syphous211/.
  5. Is there any way to extend the Extinction event with the blue and purple dinos? I had to reinstall the game due to a bug and it wiped our server. I had some really pretty dinos that I lost due to reinstalling the game. I was not the only person having this issue. When I tried to start the game, the game would get stuck on the loading screen. The only way to fix the problem was to reinstall the game, which I had to do twice in the past week. I was told by others that they were having the same issue, which seemed to start happening right after the last update occurred. If there is no way to extend the event, is there a special Admin code we could use on our private dedicated servers to continue the event like people do with the Easter event?
  6. I may get on for about an hour or so this evening. I have decided to use Scorched Earth as the map. I find that it can be more of a challenge since there are no huge water sources and the heat to deal with. Could be a very interesting map to play people closer to my age...lol
  7. My Gamertag on Xbox One is Syphous211. Send me a friend request and next time I am on, I will invite you to the game.
  8. Either Scorched Earth or Center. Leaning more towards Scorched Earth. I guess it will depend on what other members would like to see. Ragnarok is reserved for me and my youngest son. The Island is reserved for me and my family to play PVP on. I could also use Aberration if people prefer that map instead.
  9. I am looking for new members to add to my server. I would prefer older players such as myself. I am looking for gamers between the ages of 30 and 50 give or take a few years. My server is a private server and it is boosted. I have made it so it is easy to collect resources, tame dinos and hatch and raise dinos. What I need is at least four members to help me collect artifacts and defeat bosses. Anyone who joins my server will receive either a Wyvern egg or Rock Drake egg to start their tamed dino collection. Since I am a casual player, the server will be running whenever I am able to get online and play. Once I am online and other members join, I will leave the server running for as long as the members want. I usually have my server running between 8pm and 10pm Monday thru Thursday and 7am till Whenever between Friday through Sunday. Please let me know if you are interested in joining.
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