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  1. It was updated to damage all Dino’s in the area and no this is outside the jumping puzzle. It is the water area where you would tame anglers and about a year ago I would be able to do so. Along with the water not registering as water along with water bottles not filling with it or vaccuum compartments unplaceable without a cliff plat
  2. Go to underworld then the area that leads to jumping puzzle in that water, you can't place normal structures pillars/foundations etc. can play cliff plats though can't place vacuums either. Kinda difficult to use this cave properly if we can't do practical strats for cave building.
  3. you sir have made it clear that now i have to get a this tame. 8/21/2018 still cannot put preserving salt in preserving bin. using it for nameless venom very frustraiting
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