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  1. It was called Lost Eden then. Had a storyline, graphics were the same. Good times
  2. That was an older Eggcelent Adventure. Doesn't look like the current one gives that option
  3. I am making a server and was toying with the idea of allowing dinos up to level 300 or higher (500-1000). I asked my brother and he said it'd make the early game super difficult but the end game would be the same. Opinions? Would a level 300 wild dino cap be too good in the middle or late game?
  4. I'm not saying anything needs to change, just venting about how I wish I was happy with the small tribe rates, like everyone else.
  5. I understand that everyone is busy, we all work, have busy lives. But I agree that people have no patience anymore. Can you imagine a modern audience reacting to 2001: A Space Odyssey? They'd be complaining 10 minutes in! I am strangely fond of the slower pace. It makes sense that it would take days or weeks to accomplish big feats. Your first smithy, your first boat, your first wood house, your first raptor, and rex. It feels like a big accomplishment. I really wish I liked the higher rates, because they seem to appeal to a lot of people. But when you can tame a beaver in 40 minutes instead of the regular almost 3 hours because of the increased rates, it just feels cheap to me. The time limits always felt like natural barriers until you got kibble or had the ability to get mutton
  6. I must be crazy but I feel the official 'Small Tribe Server' settings are way too good. You harvest so much, tame so fast. Does anyone else prefer the slower speed of the official settings, even when playing solo or in a small group. I dunno, I guess I just feel like when you level this fast you just skip past so many things. Anyone remember back during 2015-2017 when the rates were half what they were now
  7. I'm on a newer unofficial server with not a lot of peeps on. There's a 145 giga in the northeast plains. Is it possible to tame solo? I've trapped 1 in a behemoth metal gate once before, but the worrying part is gathering mutton beforehand while maintaining torpor. I really wanna snag this so no one else does. I don't have the kibble and I'm level 56
  9. Ark has a pretty large ost for the different battle musics on the island, yet on Ragnarok I either hear no music or the same 1 battle theme. Am I missing something? It should really be added!
  10. I didn't have any, just the bed on the raft
  11. On Ragnarok there's a nice small metal cave near the northwestern coast. I built a raft inside the cave with a refinery and whatnot, as well as a bed. My hope was the cave entrance would seal up with rocks again concealing it. The rocks spawned again sealing the cave with the raft inside, but the bed was destroyed. Will this happen no matter where I park the raft in the cave?
  12. Just seems bizarre that the game gives you method to capture people, handcuff them, knock them out, and keep them alive forever. And you can harvest blood from them against their will, but you can't force feed crap to kill or torture them lol. Who got salty about it
  13. You can eat it yourself, and you can force feed things like narcotics or spoiled meats, but you can't feed crap? Why? Did someone in the player base really get pissed off
  14. I thought it eventually hit 100% months ago lol. It sucks cause that whole area is hard to navigate
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