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  1. I’m like the only person that misses the older Rates, no corpse locator
  2. Update: I actually found a way. You have to torrent an older version. I already own the game so no harm done. Crazy how different the 2015/2016 version of Ark looks
  3. Please give some TLC to the Bronto! Such a cool dinosaur that has had wonky foot animation for years, probably the most immersion breaking thing I see consistently when it’s feet float in the air inside themselves
  4. True, your insight is good. I might keep EXP at the old rates, so you end up needing to utilize lower tiers. I think you’re right about the nostalgia. I just felt that it was so easy grabbing a ton of berries or fiber or wood without a Dino unlike old days where you had to get one haha
  5. Question about rates and difficulty? I mostly played this game during 2015-2016, and on-and-off the last two years. I particularly remember how tough it was. You couldn't gather much, getting metal tools was a huge advancement, and you leveled a half the rate you do now, so it wasn't like you could just skip engram tiers like thatch (because wood was right around the corner). In your opinion does having the current rates decrease the difficulty, or does it remain relatively the same? I ask because on my server I am torn on whether to go back to the old rates for EXP and harvesting
  6. Why did they change it? I loved that sound too... same with some other dinos.
  7. What do you miss most about old Ark? Sometimes you take month or year breaks from this game and come back to a big change, missing the old. For me: The slow grind. I know it's not for most people but having to go from a crawl made me appreciate the higher tier tools and dinos. Getting to level 20 for the metal tools was game-changing.
  8. On my server I was prepping to tame an 85 level griffin but later couldnt find it, so I instead tamed a level 25. Fast speed but horrible melee and stamina. I guess I should stop slacking on the anky and doed. Is a casteroide worth taming at a low level
  9. I thought if you tamed like a level 1 giga it'd have around 25-30% of its melee which is 480 base
  10. Takes that are not worth getting unless very high level? I’ve heard the griffin and giga are really only noteworthy if you get them at a super high level any others?
  11. So does Classic Flyers really make the game unbalanced? Assuming it's not a strictly PVP focused server, is pumping movement into flyers that op? I have my own server and was toying with adding the mod. But if it's that busted maybe I'll leave it. Also, does anyone know how to edit a creature's base stats? I'd like to undo some stupid nerfs done over the years, looking at you griffin
  12. Which creatures scares you the most when you surprise/ambush you I’d say terror birds. Things sound horrifying
  13. What are some tames that are completely pointless to tame without the saddle? Any major ones? I know a quetzal would do no good without one
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