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    Additional Structures

    While I was building in Ark: Survival Evolved mobile, I noticed how there are no ‘inclined’ railing structures. I like to be creative and add small touches to my bases I create. It would be nice to have a slanted railing (fence) I can snap on to a sloped roof If I use it as a ramp. I guess I would use the terms inclined railing. Of course there would be the wood, stone, metal options. I was just wondering if you can maybe add this, just so I can add that little bit of creative touch to my builds. Thanks!
  2. Keeeyum

    Castle Courtyard by NUKE1985

    That’s amazing!
  3. Keeeyum

    Incremental Download

    Can there be an incremental download for new updates? I play ARK only on mobile and hardly never on wi-fi. Every time there is an update, I have to go to a place with wi-fi in order to download latest update which interrupts my game play. It’s a major pause in my constant gameplay and it makes me feel “stuck” because I can’t get the update instantly and keep playing. However, I do appreciate the warnings so I can prep my character in all my servers I play on safest way possible. It would be beneficial to have an incremental download for updates bc I play on my iPhone 7 and updates that are over 150 mb require wi-fi to update. Please!
  4. Keeeyum

    Incremental Download

    Can they implement same standard for iOS users?
  5. Is it possible to provide an incremental download for updates? I play without wi-fi and every time an update comes out, I would have to wait until I’m able to go somewhere that has wi-fi in order to update. It would be very beneficial if this option would be available so it doesn’t interrupt my game play.