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  1. So it’s a known issue that Ragnarok map is broken after update. I’ve bluescreen and disconnected. My character hasn’t even died, and I can’t get back in game. Griefers know if this, so they are camping at these dc points and y’all know the rest. Can I suggest a rollback? Some of my tames were about 100% imprinted but because of Valentines update, it screwed up and I will never get 100% imprinted. Has WC acknowledge the fact that this is happening? I reinstalled the game, updates and still nothing. What else can I do? Where can I submit a ticket? Something...please.
  2. My game keeps crashing, I’ve updated for the Valentines event, I was playing and got a few chibis. Now, my game crash, been trying to restart the game and been crashing and haven’t got back in my game successfully. I’m in the process of deleting the app and reinstalling it, any quick fixes and does anyone else have this issue?
  3. Discord Server(s) I was wondering if one can direct me to an Ark Discord server specifically for PS4. Thanks!
  4. Oh and I’m back...now on PS4

  5. Cool! Man, integrating all my social media is monotonous.

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