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  1. Home serveur With Valguero Hello there, i have big issue, on my lan serveur on linux, i start Valguero, but when i connect on it i have this : the map is empty, i have dino fallen, and nothing more ? what i missing on my server creation ? the serveur is update : what do u think i do wrong please ? i have to adding the maps on my serveur ? where i get the download map ? thanks
  2. of course i changed it before posted
  3. hello ok this my settings for now : https://gist.github.com/gamersalpha/812a300deba3901e9e3d50d1a89c94b0
  4. Hello there, no one have an official ini file from official server to based my own server on it ? thanks
  5. Hello there, where i can't found an exemple config server official using by the official server please ? i want start my home server with same parameter like u official, thanks
  6. please make my phone compatible
  7. I foudn the apk, and not working, can't install it ?
  8. Hello, i really like ARK, so i want play with my device android, but my phone is not compatible, how force the install please ? i have this phone : Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi S2 4G Version Globale 4Go RAM 64Go ROM Caméra Arrière 12,0MP + 5,0MP Reconnaissance d'Empreintes Digitales why i can play with ark please
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