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  1. Looks like either the channel settings, or your user settings have embeds disabled. You can enable them via User Settings -> Text & Images -> Show website preview info from links pasted into chat, or for channels, Permissions -> Defense Unit -> Embed Links
  2. Thank you, yes there are indeed some missing items in the craft command, but they are getting added piece by piece. I'll add it right now!
  3. Bot has been rewritten
  4. I made a Discord bot for ark a few months ago and have rewritten it a few days ago. It provides simple creature information, knockout calculator, the dododex taming calculator and much more. Main features: Knockout calculator Taming calculator (dododex) Server status (Players & more) Ticket system Configuration Web dashboard A list of commands can be found here. You can invite the bot via this link. If you come across any issues, or have a question, feel free to join the support discord server.
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