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  1. Defense Unit has reached 5000+ servers. I'd like to thank everyone for using the bot and providing feedback for it. I never thought that it would reach more then 100 servers but here we are. It's been a long ride (2 years, 1.0.0 was released at 2018-09-09) and we still have a long way to go! A list of milestones and large updates over the years: - v2 : Taming with dododex - v3 : Rewrite of v2 and release of the initial server dasbhoard (it was called Fort Bots back then) - v3.1 : release of the old deprecated API and the knockout command 01/21/2020: Defense Unit reache
  2. maybe later, steam API is a pain in the ass to work with
  3. Bot has been completely re-written (v3 -> v4) including translations @Dinobros2000
  4. Official servers for PS4 have been added!
  5. Clusters will be added, working on it as we speak! And there's always room for more sorts (although player count sorting has been temporarily disabled due to server performance) And about PC, unfortunately i cannot find anything about PC on the Web API. In the meantime you could use https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark, they only use steam
  6. Online server list Hey guys, I've made an unbiased server list for PlayStation4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile. The list allows you to set favorites and track the player count of a server. The list is located on servers.delta-velorum.com, all servers get updated every 15 minutes. I will be implementing more features over time, here's a list of upcoming features: Groups (Basically a cluster, a group of servers that are linked together) Sorting by player count (already implemented but disabled due to server performance) If you have any suggestions or questi
  7. Looks like either the channel settings, or your user settings have embeds disabled. You can enable them via User Settings -> Text & Images -> Show website preview info from links pasted into chat, or for channels, Permissions -> Defense Unit -> Embed Links
  8. Thank you, yes there are indeed some missing items in the craft command, but they are getting added piece by piece. I'll add it right now!
  9. Defense Unit has been discontinued. You can use 2 alternatives: Arkbuddy by TristanGre - For info such as crafting, taming etc. Overseer by Dawnerino - For info about gameservers Delta Velorum Servers is still actively being maintained!
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