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  1. You should put the release for PC back aswell I dont want spoilers this is raptoring horsepoop your customer service is a staight up raptoring joke I cant wait till you make another game and you see what repeatedly pissing off your community does to your sales.. raptorers...
  2. This is disgusting behavior, People myself included have BOOKED TIME OFF WORK and we can NOT CHANGE THAT Ive been saying to all my friends for weeks I shouldent have booked my time off work because I know wildcard will some how raptor me over and I was right what was I thinking actually allowing myself to beleave you might actually stop being such utter cockups If this was a thing you should have told us sooner and if this as I suspect is something to do with raptoring playstation then you should be releasing on Pc and Xbox and letting Playstation users wait Instead of punishing xbox users for sony being a company thats almost as bad as yourselves wildcard. Still no raptoring console mods also you should be ashamed. I swear you will never get another dime out of me ever again ARK whilst being one of the best games ive ever played has been continuously overshadowed by the incompetence and ineptitude of the studio behind it and will be the first and last wildcard game I ever buy.
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