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  1. Enforcers need a rework period. They were obsolete way too fast and now with transfers opening up, they are definitely obsolete. Not to mention, against corrupted they were way too weak. No saddle, no armor, no crafting bonus. Bps are single use until death then costs more to make. Decent lvl enforcers are too rare to find and even high lvl enforcers stats vary to much so good luck finding a decent one for low lvl drops and veins and even then you have to have an owl to heal you after every wave. It's sad that such a fun mount from the future is both unusable and weaker than using most Dino's on a map that allows giga's to be used on everything. Since they can only kill corrupted they are only expensive ornaments on any other map.
  2. My game is disconnecting and crashing more than ever now and everytime I open chat to type the game either freezes for 10 secs to a couple minutes before the keyboard pops up or it crashes the game completely.
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