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  1. That's still a bit out. I thought I read somewhere mid summer. But I could be mistaken on that one.
  2. Not a problem. I was going to give it a week and watch the forums. When they start to calm down, then I'll hop over to check it out.
  3. I haven't. But they were creating two different save files, and people have been jumping back and forth from TheCenter to TheIsland and their characters and items are still there, but their uploaded characters are not transferring between the two.
  4. I find it absolutely fascinating how people will find anything to complain about. It doesn't matter what you were doing when the patch was released. It doesn't matter how late the patch was released, or what they decided to include and exclude in it. Changes are it all will get deleted when the actual game comes out. Just in case any of you have forgotten.. this is still a pre-release. Not a full fledged game, even though it sure feels like it with as amazing of a job as these guys are doing. Just wanted to give a friendly reminder to that fact. You may continue the complaining. Th
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