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  1. Tek Trike Cryopods not working Anyone else notice that tek trikes are broken. I have 27 and all stuck in pods for some reason. Cannot even unpod on gen. What is up? Why? Seriously x everything and tek trike gets ignored. Please fix I want to get back to breeding up the line we have...... Can I trade my 27 for a breeding pair devs lol since they r all stuck in pods. Or is there a fix coming ?
  2. Not true. The slit can only be shot through by a player. If you LOOK UP like you shouldn't be doing then yes your heads exposed. Ive soaked many times and never died. Tho I want to k ow why the hard work breeding up to cryo the trike cause we were leaving server and now I have 27 useless cryopods and many hours breed down the toilet. GG devs
  3. This is as racist as anything ever said. You make the assumption that blacks cannot afford this game? Is that it? Or that they are the only ones in the world affected by racism ? How ignorant. Seriously. And have disappointment youve never played the game I see. Nor have you been around for any DLC release. Take you racial comments to fox news where they belong. Yea lives matter. How about people look past color you racial idiots. State of the world matters idiot. Black white Indian Asian Mexican Hindu Moslem Christian Catholic ECT. We all bleed we all die we all suffer and we all in the end d
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