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  1. Thats it im done. You pulled this last time and time before, I was playing when beta release happened ... 6 years ago... and now here we are and once again just another disappointment and waste of my money on a game that keeps failing to even keep one moment true to their word. GG wildcard, it starts 1 week then 2 then 3 then oops a month and what do players get. They get screwed, hope you stop promising others in ark2 like you have burned everyone of us in ark1 ...... sigh.... game deleted good luck everyone. P.S. I read that whole article, wow.... you really treat us like we are _
  2. This is as racist as anything ever said. You make the assumption that blacks cannot afford this game? Is that it? Or that they are the only ones in the world affected by racism ? How ignorant. Seriously. And have disappointment youve never played the game I see. Nor have you been around for any DLC release. Take you racial comments to fox news where they belong. Yea lives matter. How about people look past color you racial idiots. State of the world matters idiot. Black white Indian Asian Mexican Hindu Moslem Christian Catholic ECT. We all bleed we all die we all suffer and we all in the end d
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