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  1. Ladynightowl65


    All of our Dino’s auto decayed on AB official server. We were on the day before, nothing should be auto decaying. Still waiting on WC
  2. Ladynightowl65

    Too many pillars?

    Hi. I’m wondering how many pillars is too many. There are several tribes on my server that have seriously over pillared in my opinion, we’re taking well over 300 or more. They have bases and have pillared all around the orbs. There’s one tribe that put a behemoth gate at entrance of orb. Is this allowed? How about putting pillars within another tribes gates?
  3. For the past few weeks we have been on SE getting meat or flying and the game has kicked us out to the dashboard, it’s not happening on island or aberration. We have tried everything, and I mean everything. Anyone else have this issue and been able to solve? Thanks 😊
  4. Ladynightowl65

    other Tribe leaving Dino’s and structure inside my base

    Thank you all for your comments. I think I’m just gonna grab the eggs and let them get bored with it. 👍🏻
  5. Ladynightowl65

    other Tribe leaving Dino’s and structure inside my base

    It’s a PVE server can’t kill them, base is complete closed off. All gates locked,
  6. Recently we found 2 tamed stegosaurs and a raft inside our base, neither of those are ours. How do we get them out? We know the name of the tribe member but haven’t seen the gamer tag. Is this allowed? We know they have been on since stegos keep moving , can we block their Dino’s so they can’t move and that tribe must contact us? Please help it has been over a week.