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  1. valguero gamebreaking glitch with fabricator and climbing pick i used a climbing pick on a wall near a fabricator and landed on it, it teleported me high in the sky and i thought this was fun. next day (today) i repeated said bug and teleported from 65 55 to 65 30. i am now stranded in the middle of the redwood. to recreate this glitch, put a wall, about 2 high, a fabricator near it (with space between the two so taht you can fit in between them) and MAYBE stair above. use a climbing pick like described at the start of the topic and land on the fabricator. i recommend using some kind of glider or parachute. the server im in includes the following mods: s+, steampunk, classic flyers, ecos shop, CKF, death recovery [personal grave] and resource stacks
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