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  1. Val ice wyvern question Ive recently hatched some ice wyvern eggs i picked up from val, and hatched on val (ps4) . Most seem to be the "broken wyvs" ie no little icon pic, and a raptor image when cryo. But a couple... Have had a regular wyv icon pic when viewing them, and when cryo show a wyv pic. Why are a small number of ice wyvs "not broke" and most are still?
  2. Remove element from Genesis? Is there any way currently to break down the element or shards into dust on Genesis to remove it to other maps??
  3. Dodoball timer not finishing? So everytime I get to 20ish seconds it says game over. I had 47 of 50 and 22 or 23 seconds left on clock and it ended me early... with is going on with the timer ending early?
  4. i am super excited about the dilo hat!!
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