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  1. im already on island, abb and rag i have a bit of experience ... and i don't want to put the blaim on a person because there is at least 3 to 4 different trybe that pillard already. yesterday a loged on the game , did roam around a bit to finnaly found a spot just perfect for me. After the construction of my base i went to bed .... to found everything pillard this afternoon not even able to get bigger. but its ok i am going to wait for the people to stop playing after 2 weeks and it is going to be find
  2. I do undestand that ....but i put my house in a small area with no ress close, and now i cant get it bigger caus theres to much pillard around me. i want to grow ...a cannot anymore and i play alone so more difficult for me as well.
  3. yeah thinking about it... its sad tough
  4. we began the 13 on xbox, and on my server everything is already pillard everywhere . i'm so tired of that. Is there something we can do about that??
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