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  1. dragonbutt

    Snapshot_16/Host connection timeout

    ive tried all of these sadly and nothing has helped fix the host connection timeout error thank you though!!
  2. dragonbutt

    Snapshot_16/Host connection timeout

    It looks like i cant load into any modded map server. As far as i have figured out im having ram issues
  3. OKAY so before I even begin to explain what i have tried heres my computer specs(please note im am SUPER new to learning all the things a decent gaming computer/laptop needs or has so if i miss something lemme know and ill find it for you as fast as i can.) NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti8gb DDR4 SDRAMprocessor is i5- 7300HQ 2.5ghzOKAY SO our mod list is the following(not in order)♦ skies of nazca♦ difficulty 34++♦ARK Eternal♦Classic Flyers♦Ultra Stacks♦Ecos rp decor♦ecos tek decor♦Ecos garden decor♦Awesome Teleporters♦S+♦Castles keeps and fortsLoad order: 515417728,878297372,761535755,731604991,895711211,889745138,764755314,741203089,880871931,816908578,720200839Ive tried the following fixes so far; ♦ File Validation♦Unsubscribing from all mods/resubbing♦Downloading via the ark screen/join server download method.♦Totally reinstalled ARK(2 times now)♦ Toggled superfetch(which caused me to be unable to play on our rag server???? toggled back and its fine)♦ Toggled IPv6(actually made it worse; instant connection loss, toggled back) ♦Deleted all Snapshot_16 files(done this every time its happened so far)♦ Tried connecting via ethernet(didnt work)Does ANYONE have a fix? This has been going on for nearly 2 weeks now for just this one server. I can get on my private rag server just fine; it even has more mods than the one i currently need to get on. Both are rented via Nitrous Networks. I should also add that it came out of nowhere. One day I loaded in fine and then the next i suddenly cant get in it at all. (got in once since this started instantly disconnected though i was able to see my characters health,food,water ect bars; was black screen though.