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  1. Way above the roof of the world Raptor Claus does fly across the sky at midnight , Tossing packages glowing gold in the night, No beam have they but the glow that stays until the morning light.
  2. Do we get to keep the pets or the emotes?.. Really hated events that you work for the fun stuff and then lose them when the event is over.
  3. 6 super turkeys for a whole map. at a level of 250 each. and only 2 wishbones. per. lvl 250 turkey. cheapest item is 5 wishbones. Me thinks not enough turkeys.
  4. How do I server game save transfure to single player I have a Saved Game from my Server that I would like to load on my single player game on my own pc. But seem to not find where I should put the .ark file what other files should I put in.
  5. He is hard to see realy just a redish glow in the sky. and the drops. hard to find unless your in the area he is flying over.
  6. sigh I just sat sighing. Our privite server decided to trash the game we spent the last 3 months playing on. so far the backup saves will not load so we may have lost everything. I am going to miss my castle and 300 pets.
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