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  1. Hey, I have been playing on console since console launch but moved to pc recently , looking to join a tribe to grind and have some fun... I am 19 and play on EU servers my discord is ZA Gamer_21#9409
  2. Been playing on ps4 and xbox since launch date for console , recently moved to pc... looking to join a tribe , I am down to help in any way and just here to grind and have a fun time ( I am 19 and play on EU servers , discord is ZA Gamer_21#9409 )
  3. Hey , just want to know what server you guys play on ( im on EU ) for ping purposes If you guys are too here is my Discord: ZA Gamer_21#9409 I am on daily but I have work throughout the daytime but I play in the afternoons and every weekend until late
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