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  1. ARK: The Final Stand Survivors! I'm delighted to announce that our hardcore PvP mod ARK: The Final Stand has come out of the private testing phase and is publicly available for everyone to play as of now! We have 4 Official (unofficial) servers online which go by the names: ARK: The Final Stand Official Server 1 (FPP) ARK: The Final Stand Official Server 2 (FPP) ARK: The Final Stand Official Server 3 (FPP/TPP) ARK: The Final Stand Official Server 4 (FPP/TPP) Mod Description: ARK: The Final Stand is an epic action-packed game-mode inspired by concepts with the likes of Deathmatch, Gungame and Survival of the Fittest. Work your way up on our leaderboards by using earned gear and tames to your advantage whilst adapting to a dynamic battlefield full of carnage. Whether your core strength is aiming, tactically outsmarting your opponents, tame-control or quickly adapting to unpredictable situations, during The Final Stand you have no choice but further developing your PvP- skills as a survivor! For more specific information about our mod you can join our Official Discord through the link displayed below. I highly encourage everyone to use the feedback channel in our Discord with your honest but constructive feedback for us to act quickly upon. https://discord.gg/gp2JzQT Happy fragging! Greetings, Your Dev Team (deki, bThundergun, Jicebox51)
  2. Hi Tribe! The mod with which we are entering the modding contest is a fast-paced gamemode with elements of Deathmatch, Gungame and Survival of the Fittest, all bundled into a mini-game. It is a mod for ARK: Survival Evolved. At the same time, we are also developing a fullscalled Battle Royale inspired by Survival of the Fittest, which will have FFA, 2v2 and 4v4 on a new map and a complete overhaul of Survival of the Fittest as we know it!
  3. Survivors! We are entering the ARK Modding Contest with our new fast-paced PvP game-mode, ARK: The Final Stand! We are delighted to bring you an action-packed game-mode inspired by concepts with the likes of Deathmatch, Gungame and Survival of the Fittest. On the 7th of July at 7pm CEST we will be hosting a tournament to showcase the mod to the community. Throughout the modding contest period we will keep updating our game-mode to further improve, balance and polish the mod based on your feedback. Key Features: Hardcore ground PvP: Go head to head against some of the best PvP players in a hardcore 30 minute match! Kill Reward System: Work your way up from the most primitive PvP tier all the way to the Advanced PvP tier by taking out your opposition. Killstreak Reward System: Getting killstreaks will insta-reward you with tames, chosen from a 30+ Dinosaur pool, divided in tiers. Evolution Events: Adapt your playstyle depending on the Random Evolution Events that are triggered during the match. Scoreboard: Bring up the scoreboard during gameplay to compare your progress against all other survivors! Leaderboards: Track your stats on our website and grind up the leaderboard as we will hand out a prize to the 1st place at the end of every month. As some of you may have heard by now, we are simultaneously developing a Battle Royale for the ARK:Survival Evolved community inspired by Survival of the Fittest. Our developers are extremely passionated to satisfy the needs of the ARK PvP community and are working day and night to be able to release our main project within the shortest timeframe possible. Keep an eye on our new Discord to stay tuned for announcements, patch notes ETA's, tournaments as well as development of ARK:Survival of the Fittest - Remastered. Click to join: https://discord.gg/4MJ4Ad3 Patch notes 29th of June: Changes: Implemented a total kills reward system that gives you new Armor, Guns and Items based on the total amount of kills you have Added a progress bar visually showing you how close you are to the next tier of rewards Implemented a killstreak reward system that sends a certain tame to your inventory, the tame you get depends on the amount of kills in a row you achieve (eg. 3 kills in a row = microraptor, 4 kills in a row = Carno, and so on) Added a Scoreboard showing your kills, deaths and Kill/Death ratio which can be triggered with the F1 keyboard shortcut Added a match-timer showing the remaining time left for the match to finish, while also displaying your position on the scoreboard - Evolution Events: during the game certain events will be randomly triggered to bring variety for the players to adapt to during the match - Complete overhaul of the Battle Arena Map Bug fixes: Fixed the issue of players dissapearing off of the scoreboard Fixed the Matchtimer syncing issues Fixed the winning song volume issue Greetings from our developing team: Modder: bThundergun Mapper: Jicebox51 Visionary: deki Best wishes Decio 'deki' Pinto
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