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  1. Really Wildcard gtfo and do whatever you want! Like some already says, you kick all your alpha testers in the face by stopping the support of legacy servers, you NEVER mentioned that before. Oh my god, this company now even stand behind Electronic Arts or Ubisoft now for me. What the heck were you thinking when you decided to stop support to legacy servers? And whats with the people who wrote tickets weeks ago? Worst support ever, really. You can collect money from you sheeps but then you let them starve to death? That was the last time i bought a game from your company and i will tell everybody of my friends to never throw money on you again. Your information politics is such a big bull... You know what i really hope now? That hackers go DDos all your new server and kill your release, so that you get the next poopstorm you deserve!! And i am totally sure your new netcode will work like nothing. Really guys, put all people who helped you develope your alltime broken game in the trash is not working. One day you say this, other day you say this. You dont answer tickets for months and now just say you stop helping your alpha testers you payed your food the whole time while you tried to fix thousands of bugs? I know you give a poop about it, but you must live with it, that many many many players with thousands of hours on your game will be...lets say a little bit angry about your support politics. It would be a nice move to even answer the tickets the people already send weeks and months ago. I still got tribemembers who lost their account over 1 month ago and they didnt even get ONE answer from you. Really, i start thinking, you just hired the persons who even were too bad for Donald Trump for your stuff. God i am so angry right now Jeremy Stiegwhateveryouwant and your lazy employees. I really hope the release launch will totally crash you and will give you weeks without sleep. Best regards, me, who had trust in you for months/years.
  2. hudi1, are you sure about giving back ownership to new character? You already went through this?
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