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  1. Launch Update

    You know what wildcard? Now give me some more points mods, i dont care anymore. Wildcard developers: SUCK WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM ME!!!! Character from tribemate is just destroyed without any warning. Servercrash(like the crashes that happens THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! OMG LEARN TO CODE YOU *insert nono word your mami dont want you to say* Get yourself a new job and just stop creating games. i am tired of your "sorry for this" "sorry for that" messages after you screw this and this and this and this up. i mean, what the heck are you doing? do you even have any skilled persons except graphics designer? and i mean that for real. day after day after day waiting to get more servers in eu, and you seem to sleep. ofc you dont have much sleep at the moment(i truly hope that because you deserve this problems now 100%) Dupe protection is a mess, servers set up and "running", its a mess. really, great job. just 3 days and we already have several problems, even more than before. i am happy you are out of early access, because now you cannot hide between this funny state somebody tries to protect you from poopstorm. and now give me more warning points if you want, doesnt matter. and no, this is NO DISCUSSION ABOUT PAST POINTS I GOT! you only mess up all new players who payed you before, and now you even scare of new players who payed a hell of money for a game that still acts like an alpha version. better take all servers down for some days and fix everything you can before you mess it up even more. To all guys who wrote a bad review while early access state: renew your review, so that it doesnt count as "Early Access review"
  2. We were promised something?

    Guys, who really still have trust in only one single word Wildcard tells us? Its a complete mess, information politics is just a joke. i only wait for the announcement, that they say clear, they raptored it up. no pink fluffy "yeeeeeeah we know we messed up a little bit BUT TOMORROW ALL IS FIXED AND WE ADD 1000000000 SURPRISES TO KEEP YOU CALM DOWN WHILE WE STILL CANT GET IMPORTANT STUFF FIXED" WC, just STOP posting unuseful announcement nobody needs. i dont need ANY new content right now, just more than like a handfull servers running. i simply dont get it, why jeremy or whoever it is, still continue announcing stuff, while there is really much more important stuff to do. Day 3 after release now and still 30-60min to come to the server i play at. yesterday i needed damn 1 1/2 hours to get on one server, only to be able to transfer to another, which was ofc full too all the time. Come on guys, never had that heavy server problems while it was in early access. This really cannot be true anymore. Its like "oh what the heck, we have SO MANY PLAYERS???? ok we add 3 more servers for today, this should be enough to feed the sheeps for the next hours" Everytime its the same. They plan something, it doesnt work, much delay. eeeeeeverytime. for long time i get the idea, they test stuff with one machine, one server, one player on it. this cannot be true anymore. I know how hard coding is, and in what problems you can run, but its always about what people to have to fix it or dont even get it to crush beforce. Just hire more better skilled people who know what they are doing before you get the next game to "full release"(if i am honest i dont want to call Ark a full release) Its a shame...
  3. Fix Quetz Platforms for the love of god

    Come on guys, please stop complaining, its still early acc......oh sorry, my mistake Crazy, had this bug only one time, i flew away without platform moving, but after relog it worked again, never saw it a secont time. didnt think it was such a big problem to others. Still one of the maaaany bugs they have to fix. This release is more than a joke, game is still far far away from being ready for rollout.
  4. Thx for the advice Vrallox, i would have forgotten that if you not have told me. Of course i will update my bad review after launch and i hope everybody who commited a negativ ticket will do the same. No point anymore for me to be nice to this company. Worst communication politics ever, Electronic Arts is nothing against that here. Because there you know they just shut down their servers after some years. Here, they give you one single informationone after another just to suddenly kick you in the balls with Ascendent Flak boots!
  5. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Really Wildcard gtfo and do whatever you want! Like some already says, you kick all your alpha testers in the face by stopping the support of legacy servers, you NEVER mentioned that before. Oh my god, this company now even stand behind Electronic Arts or Ubisoft now for me. What the heck were you thinking when you decided to stop support to legacy servers? And whats with the people who wrote tickets weeks ago? Worst support ever, really. You can collect money from you sheeps but then you let them starve to death? That was the last time i bought a game from your company and i will tell everybody of my friends to never throw money on you again. Your information politics is such a big bull... You know what i really hope now? That hackers go DDos all your new server and kill your release, so that you get the next poopstorm you deserve!! And i am totally sure your new netcode will work like nothing. Really guys, put all people who helped you develope your alltime broken game in the trash is not working. One day you say this, other day you say this. You dont answer tickets for months and now just say you stop helping your alpha testers you payed your food the whole time while you tried to fix thousands of bugs? I know you give a poop about it, but you must live with it, that many many many players with thousands of hours on your game will be...lets say a little bit angry about your support politics. It would be a nice move to even answer the tickets the people already send weeks and months ago. I still got tribemembers who lost their account over 1 month ago and they didnt even get ONE answer from you. Really, i start thinking, you just hired the persons who even were too bad for Donald Trump for your stuff. God i am so angry right now Jeremy Stiegwhateveryouwant and your lazy employees. I really hope the release launch will totally crash you and will give you weeks without sleep. Best regards, me, who had trust in you for months/years.
  6. Sure, 3000+ hours, no change of base location. Just traveling a little bit more since i recognized many of my tribemates losing their character due to cross servertravel. So i know use the transmitter maybe 50% less and the beds more again. I mean, come on Wildcard, let me even harvest the stuff
  7. Dragon Changes?

    Dragon is broken again??? Come on Wildcard, please get this boss finally fixed, this cannot be so damn hard!!! Really, its a bad joke how they code the bosses. Too hard, too easy, completely broken, change map, back to too hard, nerf a little bit more, nerf a little bit more more.... Omg this seems to be really hard to code FOUR DIFFERENT NPC. I cannot understand, why it is do difficult to balance and fix this minimum amount of bosses, and the sad part about that is, that these bosses are in the game for "ages" now. Btw: Where are the dinamic bridges?
  8. Does Support Exist Anymore?

    Yep, dont expect an answer in the next 2 months(if you even get one then). More than one of my friends lost character some weeks ago, absolutely no response. Wildcard is having extreme problems with support, because they cannot manage the amount of tickets. They simply didnt hire enough people for these jobs, its that easy. For me its easy to see if a company does a good job and worked well over a large amount of time, or just acts like amateur. You know, its "easy" to code a game, but getting the overall stuff done, needs professionals. In my opinion they dont have enough of this kind of workers...
  9. Got the same problem every day. I just spawn in bed and everything what was on the place of base just appears again. Not harvestable, you can walk trough it(it stutters) and only way possible is reconnect. Really nice when you travel to your base from other map and wanna put something in Refrigerator, but now there is a large heavy stone right in front of it I didnt recognize this bug until some weeks ago now, dont know why i didnt get that error before. To come to your second question: What you expect? We have so many huge bugs that have to be patched for ages, but doesnt get fixed. Possibility for example losing your char while travel from server to server. Just seem to happen random + looooooooong response time of support about this massive issue. So i am sure several bugs will take really long to fix or never get fixed. But hey, thats Ark, i got used to it ;-)
  10. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    hudi1, are you sure about giving back ownership to new character? You already went through this?
  11. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    So finally, our tribe gets kicked down again...Next character is lost due to error 200, traveling from SE to Center, he just saw the bed to spawn at, and boom, error 200. Biggest problem is now, that its our tribe owner and we now can do nothing with the tribe! Really guys, thats really not gonna fit! We already lost two players because they quit game after losing their chars, you must be able to fix this! Even when i see, that modders have tools for something, you must be able to work this out in any way, quick! You are so close to release, its hilarious that this error is still not fixed. So please guys, work on this and please answer quick to the ticket our owner wrote, dont wait 4 weeks to respond like last time...This erros have to be handled with priority AAA++++++ I am really tired of this...
  12. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    Guys, just better leave it...the support, except of some GMs, is really terrible. It completely depends on the mood the GM have i think. When i read articles about lost character, its completely luck if and what you get back. Friend of mine now lost his char for the second time in a row. Both times Lvl 100. First time this happened, he even got his 100% imprints back, but none of the tek engrams. So now he has to restore his tek engrams for the second time now! But hey, the GM Tobida really tried to help and is a good guy!. But, the complete restore politics from Wildcard are crazy. I waited THREEE WEEKS for a response to my ticket when i lost several Babys, others even dont get any answer about the same problems. I am really tired of this whole "blabla Early Access blabla". Not because its not fully released, i was ok with this, but because its NEARLY released. And people still lose all their chars, imprints and everything. Wildcard, its too close to release for such problems. And then you just let the people wait several weeks to be able to play again? Losing all Engrams all the time? And now i read you only restore to Lvl 90????? For Dilo sake, GET YOUR STUFF DONE AND REPAIR YOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!! People lose all their stuff and have to do the same bosses again and again and again to get their tek engrams back, its just crazy what you are doing. Giving people back their tek stuff? Just put the people to boss fight, kill the damn bosses instant and give him his engrams back. you can even do this with more than one player at once, if its too much work for you to just spawn a boss with command line and instant kill it... THIS WHOLE LOSE CHAR/RESTORE CHAR PROCESS IS COMPLETE BULLRAPTOR! Stop diloing player up again and again and again. PLEASE repair this character transfer system, we already lost two players only because you dont get your work done and they lost their chars and are tired of leveling up for just NOTHING. I only wait for full release and more lost characters, be ready for the...what is it? poopstorm no. 100000? You really should be careful how you complete this game and where you should put in more guys to fix code. otherwise your support will just blow up at release date(when its finally done at christmas or new years eve or whatever).
  13. yeah please guys, whats happening there? Still only Center + Island back online since 9 o clock or so, of course my char is at Scorched Earth atm so i cannot play...pleeeeease restart the server
  14. ETA for ticket responce

    This will not really help you, but i contacted support about 3 weeks ago, and then suddenly some days ago, i saw an answer of an admin in my emailbox. Didn't think, they will answer after some days, but now i got an answer. I think at the moment they have very less time because of upcoming release. So maybe you should just wait and hope, i think there is no other chance. But there is still a chance that they answer after a longer time, this is clear for me now Wish you good luck
  15. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    Will there be a possibility to use the lamps only when its dark? Like a time switch? For example "put on the lights when its 21 o'clock, put it out when its 6 oclock. I think about a on/off time you can set. So the power consumption will stop for that time. Its really bright when they are switched on during daytime.