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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. fishing pelagornis fishing bug

    + tamed pelagornis, just cannot equip fishing rod. tried out chair, worked instant. Please fix this quick, thx! @Zane @Jatheish
  2. Same for me, but on PC! Just tamed a pelagornis only to realize, its not working anymore. please fix this quick WC! @Jatheish
  3. Same here, except that i travelled to another server for taming. I shoot down dire bear, put kibble in it, leave server for 30 minutes. Log back in to upload dino and boom, i see an autodecayed direbear in my tribelog. I mean, even if you are not on the server, it should work properly. Fun fact: i shoot down 3 bears before i logged of, put kibble in all three, and only one of them autodecayed while i was logged of the server, the other 2 ones were still there.
  4. Yep, get it boys, the new DLC is everything they care about, because it brings money money money. They can sit on camera on a nice twitch stream, telling how great this and that is looking bla bla bla, and in the end you hear NOTHING about negative criticism, they just sit there, smiling, happy about their "great new content" and ignore EVERYTHING they dont wanna hear. And yes, of course its totally random which help you get from a GM, its all about in which mood he is or if he is cool or not. On one hand you can get a lvl 100 character back and even get new imprinted dinos spawned(normally only for 100% imprints). Next time you can send a ticket again and be told that you dont get anything back, maybe a lvl 50 character which is of course complete trash cause i can get a lvl 50 char without any help in maybe 1-2 hours. Stop thinking they have any clear rules for GMs, its just completely random if you get a cool GM or a GM who really doesnt care. I got a 96% imprint giga destroyed one time cause he was stuck on teleporter for example. Got only a tamed 150 giga back with bad stats + 0% imprint, so totally useless for me. Reason told me by GM: Rules forbids him to give me back anything else. One week before that, a friend got back lvl 200 Dinos, even with imprint, so just live with the fact, that GMs are just doing what they want and how they want. The complete support system is broken. Oh and better dont talk about cheaters from megatribes who were caught for cheating, dev wiped and just came back after 2 days. in that case you can see how fast support can work. if you are high ranked enough and know the correct people, or even be an official tester for wildcard, you get nearly everything you want plus as fast as you want. As long as that is the case, and still player from salty megatribes are used as tester for new patches or even Aberration DLC, and they get benefit like hell trough that, you can stop thinking, that support by WC will be fair in any time to everybody.
  5. Massive FPS drop if HUD active

    Can confirm that for me, i got i5 4570, 16 GB Ram, HD7870 OC 2GB, nearly all settings on low and other graphic options disabled. All HUD enabled, like 5-8 FPS in base with, the more floating names, the worse the fps, but disabling floating items doesnt fix it for me. Only disable complete HUD pushes my FPS to 25 out of nothing. Outside base i am playing with 50-70 fps without problems. I really wanna know too, what is causing this heavy fps drop, even without floating names enabled, i am really confused and asking myself for long time now, wy the HUD kills my fps so damn extreme when many dinos are around. Couldnt find an answer, except, that the transperency of the buttons/icons is broken.
  6. Ping 255 on official servers

    That happens, when some big tribes attack, and SUDDENLY right after they lost a FOB, the server goes up to 255 ping. Check Island6 WC, completely unplayable and thats obviously.
  7. DDOS on Official Server

    Yeah, unfortunately i dont really read ANY words from WC about this heavy heavy pings all the time on ragnarok. you see staff of WC posting in the forum, but none of them seem to write anything about fixing >200 ping. Idk, it just looks like, they hope, the problem will get fixed by itself..
  8. Swamp Cave tips

    We put off our gear while fighting the centiped, so armor doesnt break.
  9. Our snails just popped through the floor last time. Also fresh babys will NOT fall trough floor anymore...consequence was - destroy foundations. but dont forget, this was completely patched months ago and game is absolutely ready for release! Btw when is DLC gettin released?
  10. Hey Wildcard staff, please do us all a favour and try a restart of all server that are laggy like hell for more then a week now. There is something horrible wrong when you have a 200-255 ping ALL day. Seems like all ragnarok official server having the same issues, and it doesnt matter from which country you log in. I really thought, these ping problems would stop with bringing in the new netcode to release, like you promised. But i think this made the situation even worse. Still disconnects, high pings even with 10 players on a 70 slot server...this cannot be the solution. Either the server hardware is just too slow or there is a massive bug, what causes nearly all server to lag like hell. I mean i am not complaining about a 100 ping or something, what is really still playable. But its no fun, when people start quitting the game because they simply get rollbacked all 10 seconds, fly into foreign bases accidently before even seeing them, losing farm dinos from quetz every 30 seconds and so on and so on... its nice, that the new DLC will finally be coming out soon, but i also hope that when this is finished(hopefully VERY soon), that you just put ALL effort in fixing these damn ping problems. FPS problems in big bases is the one thing, but flipping around even while hovering somewhere with 60fps and STILL lagging like nothing, is simply not cool. please wake up and try REALLY fix this asap, i think nearly all players will be greatful. And yes, i reported my server, like many other people, but not even one restart. Try whatever you can WC!
  11. DDOS on Official Server

    Nice to see, i think idiots DDOSing server are responsable for nearly all ragnarok server to stay at >200 ping for more than a week now, maybe 2 weeks. Its completely unplayable. People are already quitting cause they cant play anymore with this rubberbanding, teleporting back, rollbacks every 15 seconds. Please wildcard, DO SOMETHING FOR GOD SAKE. And yes, i already wrote ticket about the bad bad serverpings. But guess what? Its only getting worse..Doesnt matter how many players are online at one time. They really need to care for a better DDOS protection.
  12. Thx for the response. Hm, didnt seem so complicated when we once got back 6 dinos with full imprint. the GM just spawned dino, let us claim it and then put imprint on it. So i definitly know its possible without spending half an hour. And to be honest...would be cool to get more than 2 minutes support when you have to wait 3-4 weeks for a ticket. yeah so, i dont think its unfair to the gm, if he just has to invest some more minutes for a dino, you just breeded for like 2 weeks, logging in every 4 hours to imprint. but anyway, thx for your message
  13. lag LAG on ALL servers

    omg thats so funny....i opened the topic, read the first few texts, and then just realised, that its from january! ololol, this is really hilarious. in eleven months they have done NOTHING about the lags. still getting pings >250 all the time, rubberbanding, and its still zero zero zero zero solution in sight, they dont even say something about this unplayable stuff they call "game" But hey, lets better work on another DLC, get cashed out for that and dont even bring it in near future. then sit in your damn cool twitchcon studio and talk about how greeeeeeeat everything is, just trying to hide or ignore, that nearly all your official servers are unplayable when literally more then 5 players are on. i dont wanna start on complaining about the several possibilities going under mesh you didnt fix in more than one year. no no, its a great game, nobody has to complain! we will maybe get another great DLC maybe in 2 years or something and maybe we can then play like 30 minutes having fun, until more than 5 players connect to the server and the ping will be badass again. i am sure, they will NEVER get to fix the ping when more than 1 player is online. they just wait wait wait, sell new DLCs anddo whatever they want. information politics stil the same like before release, still trying to act like everything is just fine and its a perfect "ready-for-release" game. yeah wildcard, do it like this. ignore all the negative critics, its just fine
  14. Hello everybody, i hope this is the correct forum for my question. Short explanation: i lost a 96% imprint breeded giga on a teleporter some weeks ago. I teleported, it got stuck under it 90% in the water and just exploded when i set it on follow to pull it out. So i wrote a ticket to get it back. GM told me he will back me a giga, but only with lvl 150(my giga came out with lvl 176) and zero imprint. I got the message, that its not possible at the moment to give back imprinted on a lost dino. Some time ago on legacy this was no big deal. lost character cause of bug, gm came, backed up new char to 100 and gave 100% imprinted dinos back, no problem. Now it seems to be a big problem. Anyway i have a mate, that got backed dinos, cause of feeding bug again. But he gets max level 200, and that was only some days before i got "my" dino back. Which is nearly totally useless now for me. No imprint, 40% less base damage than on my breed, it can be troodon food now. So my question is dedicated to people who also got dinos back from gm. What level did you get back? Did you got any imprint? Did the GM look out for at least nearly same stats? Please feel free to comment, i only wanna catch up some experiences, because it confuses me, that on one hand a GM says, he can only give back 150 level and nothing else, and somebody else, who got in contact with another GM, get back better dinos. i am happy to hear about your experiences Edit says: I dont want a big discussion here, only collecting informations about if every GM really has to follow the same rules. So please no rude words, just your story, thx
  15. Launch Update

    You know what wildcard? Now give me some more points mods, i dont care anymore. Wildcard developers: SUCK WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM ME!!!! Character from tribemate is just destroyed without any warning. Servercrash(like the crashes that happens THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! OMG LEARN TO CODE YOU *insert nono word your mami dont want you to say* Get yourself a new job and just stop creating games. i am tired of your "sorry for this" "sorry for that" messages after you screw this and this and this and this up. i mean, what the heck are you doing? do you even have any skilled persons except graphics designer? and i mean that for real. day after day after day waiting to get more servers in eu, and you seem to sleep. ofc you dont have much sleep at the moment(i truly hope that because you deserve this problems now 100%) Dupe protection is a mess, servers set up and "running", its a mess. really, great job. just 3 days and we already have several problems, even more than before. i am happy you are out of early access, because now you cannot hide between this funny state somebody tries to protect you from poopstorm. and now give me more warning points if you want, doesnt matter. and no, this is NO DISCUSSION ABOUT PAST POINTS I GOT! you only mess up all new players who payed you before, and now you even scare of new players who payed a hell of money for a game that still acts like an alpha version. better take all servers down for some days and fix everything you can before you mess it up even more. To all guys who wrote a bad review while early access state: renew your review, so that it doesnt count as "Early Access review"