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  1. So i wanna take this time to give a big shout out to wildcard. Cause my god yall have left me stunned. First I want to thank wildcard for the many delays of a game that was supposed to come out last year, and still came out worse then cyberpunk. Secondly I would like to thank wildcard for the amazing launch. They 1 that was supposed to happen on the 2nd... i mean 3rd at 8am est.,. i mean at 10 am ... i mean at 1pm est. Thirdly I would like to thank wildcard for reviewing the report I sent in of a tribe who first stole another players mats from a pod while trying to craft, then
  2. Swear Gen2 is a complete an utter fail.. Would put this way below cyberpunk. Hell atleast with cyberpunk I could at least play. First you delay the game again and again and again. Then when you finally try to launch it, it fails. Then servers finally go up and people get on, and you failed on server stability and cap. Now you have all the servers that are supposed to cap at 70 with over 150+ players on them. Now you fix it and the cap is back. But now you have over 80+ people who can't get on. Fighting with the 70 plus people who will never log out of the game now. Cause they know if they do t
  3. Did genesis 2 get delayed or something ? Thought it dropped today ? Tried searching online and everything say June 2nd but not time.
  4. Best strat me and a tribe did. Get a mek, it makes the pits stupid ez. Takes like 2-3 mins to wipe the entire pit. Buddy would farm all the ele, and i would snag all the eggs. We would clear the whole area with no problem. An when mek got dmg we both had a drone to repair. So if i was busy he would repair or if pit was clear I would repair. Its the ez way to do it.
  5. So was thinking a lot lately about the things i enjoyed about ark and the things that i didn't. An it made me think of the things i really wished they would of added in ark and what im hoping they would add in ark 2. An for me the biggest thing I would love to see added is a new server type that stays locked. An what I mean by that is for it to keep all the starting restrictions on the map, with the exception of character transfer. I feel like having you character be able to transfer to new maps to get certain skills unlocked it fun and adds to the game. What I would love to see blocked though
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