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  1. OC rag 70, every time somebody transfer or logging the next server save is a crash. Crystal Isle 840, crashes and rolllbacks, Genesis 649 , DC , DC ,DC even when there is 2 people online, people just randomly DC. Been months like this now and Genesis situation more than a year and no fix , the only server I can play is my Extinction. Losing stuff due to DC and crashes and rollbacks. Rebecca Black on friday is the one is gonna buy Ark 2 seriously.
  2. I just log to refresh nowadays , Genesis is a disc fest for 1 year, with like 3 peeps online, Ragnarok and Crystal Isle lag and crashes, only my Extinction server is a bit ok, I really hope Gen 2 servers are at least playable.
  3. All my official servers are totally busted, we have reported the issue dozens of times and nada. Ragnarok 70 = Crashes and crashes and rollbacks Genesis 649 = everybody getting DC frequently and lag, and like 9 peeps online Crystal Isle 840 = Crashes and crashes and long rollbacks and lag My only decent server to hang out at the moment is Extinction, barely playing because of this. Genesis has a year like this and no fix.
  4. Well I don't mind, I have 8500hrs , Have bp on all possible colors, and any chibi I could want i simply buy , or I can go on a Skiff or Mana and be a Jerk to, all this new people are the future of the game on pve is simple, and Ark with its 100000 bugs is frustrating enough, people ragging over gifts is simply bad for the server community on pve, all that matters in any game is the community , as soon is filled with toxic scum, people just leave. Them you see the same 4/70 oldies online refreshing and complain is a dead game. If is in PVP is ok, all is fair there.
  5. Raptor Claus just bring one thing in every single server I hop to, DRAMA, endless arguments and fights, and the most advance gift blocking techniques, like using a skiff. At least make the presents fall at a higher speed , the 24 hrs endless drama is unbearable plus is really unfair for the new players to
  6. 19 gig for me, and it downloaded 3gig, and stops, start installing stuff and then it re starts , its been like this for like 6 hours now, this is like 10 time worse than all the past dlc combine , DILO? any fix ? or clues ?
  7. Lost 20 tames on decay on Aberration , thanks to the stupid transfer thing, so we gotta keep all in cryos? leave OC servers? who knows when this ima hit again.
  8. They need to freeze the decay timers seriously ....
  9. Stuck on Downloading Transferred Character... .. . Issue is been going for like 4 days now, currently facing dino decays , a lot of people facing this problem too, any news?
  10. Open your tickets, lots of people are unable to download their characters in OC servers and the stupid decay timers are running.
  11. I can't download my character on OC servers, my main base in OC 70 also my aberration base in OC 319 are in danger. gonna lose a bunch of dinos. I really don't get why they have no stopped the decay timers if everything is upside down.
  12. Better not to have them indeed, i have reported grief in the past,box tribes raft spam, a box tribes that was kitting all sorts of thing to a friend and in every single case they did nothing.
  13. So now people use GM for grieffing Recently in our server a big tribe stopped playing that had the swamp area in Ragnarok used for meat gathering. Our tribe along with some others placed pillars in the middle areas to protect the meat spawns. Somebody reported us and a GM came and removed our pillars which is ok I dont mind. Problem is this GM literally destroyed our seabase in the other side of the map, he removed all the gates we placed as fence to surround the area, lots of beh gates and small gates, leaving the place completely exposed and for some reason left the pillars outside the ma
  14. A big tribe that had the swamp area pillared in our server stopped playing, I placed some pillars in the center area along with another tribe to protect the meat spawns. Well a new tribe came to the server and reported me, a GM came and removed the pillars ok no prb but, in the other side of the map, basically destroyed our seabase, like 40 beh gates along with small dino gates we have to close the area around were removed leaving our dinos exposed and our structure in the middle, we even left a road behind the base so people can perfectly cross to the desert, also went and destroyed our tek b
  15. Dude, there was a boxtribe guy in my server that if you found an event griffin he would come and kill it in a mana. I reported him, and the GM said, is not a valid offense because you can build a trap........... like the griffin would spawn inside the trap....... so figure.... I told him ehhhh, you have to kitte the thing to a trap.... and he comes and kill it, so you leave the area... and ... no reply. GG EZ.
  16. My ferox became invulnerable after a reaper tail swipe and when it turned back to normal the anti meshing system destroyed him in front of me xD, at this point rename the thing Bugrox
  17. Bloodstalkers become garbage when the lag kicks in, if you jump you just appear back in the floor and throwing a web is like a gamble, you may end up in the bottom of the lava pit or who knows where. I was trying just to go across 2 Elementals, aimed the web in a safe spot, lag, I end up in their feet, 2 rocks, stalker turns on me, 2 rocks, DEAD... Box tribe hour, the damn dupping starts , official servers go to poop, sometimes the Griffin and Rockdrake glide got glitchy on lag, but the spider thing is totally retarded.
  18. And please add frontiers to your future maps, Extinction maps are very laggy, every time a server save comes or those weird box tribe dupping lag spikes, if you are in the vicinity of the edges of the map, does not even have to be close and you jump whit a mana... pzzzzzz stuck in air for 5 sec, LAG, ZAPPED, YOU DIED, OUT OF THE MAP GG, sometimes you get lucky and land miles away in the right direction, others right into the toaster. Whit all the lag going on all the time, this is a horrible idea.
  19. My Velos in Aberration keep starving to dead after that change, so Velos joining the cryofridge club to.
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