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  1. Another useless shoulder pet, you already broke the game with tek stryders, who cares about weight lol, at least the whale thing would have been fun adventure to go tame into the deep. This is what the game pve is missing, fun things to tame and breed, to go look out in the wild, and get cool colors when events are on. Remember how fun it was when everybody was out there desperate looking for a high lv giga, mossa, tuso , rex, that was the fun part. Still today we are crazy looking around for reapers. Its big, scary , its challenging , its exiting !! Oh shoulder pets, go stand over there in t
  2. I hope they do a good tlc of the old dinos, game is kinda going down the bleh. Gen 2 made the game to easy, map was very repetitive and cats were literally the only good addition in my opinion, plus the baby caring. Aberration is still king of DLC's.
  3. Tamed Astrodelphis do to, I lost 2 now, never to be seen again. So DO NOT DISMOUNT FOR ANY REASON, not even in the metal platforms, I saw mine vanish right in front of me, at the the metal platforms like 1 week ago now, been there every warp and the thing never came back. Lost the 2d one, in a server crash, Anti mesh killed me and dolphin vanished never to be seen again.
  4. I lost like 3 tames and 1 skiff to the stupid warp now, never to be seen again. They are supose to come back... when? in Ark 2 maybe x-x, que lata Raquel
  5. What is hard is not Star Dolphin, what is hard is that many people are losing all their mission progress and a GM wont restore it , so figure that scenario. This has been like the most annoying dlc, this missions and passive tames with this huge lag are a nightmare, plus the stupid ANTI MESH destroying people on space and sending tames to another dimension , I have like a week looking for a tame in space that had my mutagen and 2 event wyverns inside, server crashed and Anti Mesh killed me, and then right in front of my base in space , in one of the big metal plat, out of the blue the hyper sp
  6. I did it yesterday with some random guy, he was screen lock the whole fight so I had to do everything, in the end, so after ALL THE TIME WASTED , in the end he was screen locked and could not board the Mek and guess what, if the other person don't board the mek to shoot the combine ray power ranger style you fail LOL, so is better to do it solo, bravo !!
  7. This has to be the most annoying bug ever, I was taming event voids, got 2, was heading back, poof server crash, when it came back up, I find out Anti mesh destroyed me, and my dolphin nowhere to be found . Searched for 2 days and nada, well I dismounted for a second in one of the metal platforms outside some tribe tek house, and the hyper space ended and saw my other dolphin vanish in front of me, I went back when the same biome was there, and nothing. Space is like some ghost graveyard full of lost tames, I ve found now like 5 dolphins , 4 skiff, 2 exo meks and even a bloody bronto. Where i
  8. I keep losing tames in the space biome, they hyper space away, even in the metal platforms on the sides, when the same biome returns, they are nowhere to be found, space looks like a ghost graveyard of lost tames, thanks to this stupid mechanic. Bunch of Skiffs, dolphins and Exo Mech floating around
  9. I have been destroyed by the Anti Mesh 3 times now in space, last time I just tamed some events voids and had like 50 mutagen inside my tame, server crashed and I was dead, can't find my tame anywhere near the coords where the anti mesh destroyed me. So basically is a risk to lose all to be in space, if the server crash you lose everthing = less playtime.
  10. Fix the Anti Mesh, blowing people up in space after server crashes.
  11. The problem is, before they make content they need an OFFICIAL SERVERS SIMULATOR, were the lag is insane and the crashes are constant , all this passive taming are a pain and many of the missions to in all this lag and crashes. A while ago I just tamed this cool event wyvern and was heading to my base, STOP RIGHT THERE is CRASH TIME!! , rollback came, when I logged in, Anti mesh killed me, and my dolphin, with my wyvern and owl are lost in another dimension, and the 50 mutagen in my bar gone... in simple terms this game has no difficulty only frustration due to the lag, crashes , bugs , etc.
  12. Every time the server crashes and you are in space, poof mini rollback, omg you are dead, omg anti mesh destroyed you GG and sent your dino to another dimension and remember those mutagen you farmed for that sexy event voidwyrm, they are now tribute to the evil bug god of the red obelisk, not even in a place where the asteroid spawns, I checked the coords twice now on single player. Also Anti mesh is still destroying Ferox for no reason , since Gen1............... So if you going to space, have everything inside your dino. A giga ate you ? nop, a Mossa ate you ? nop, some invisible alien AI,
  13. Even the server save can screw you up, so figure...
  14. 255 ping ftl , that and the tek stryder taming is really taking the fun away, plus this things have mission requirements. I simply frustrating, you have to wait till an hour ping is a bit decent or play your luck transferring to other servers. All this passive taming are problematic in all this huge lag.
  15. This dev's need to spend a week in their laggy official servers, 264 ping full of box tribes. So they realize that this passive Taming and missions turn into a soup in this crazy laggy enviroment. I rather gather eggs in a hole full of magma with the poor spider that also turns into crap in laggy conditions than all this damn passive taming.
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