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  1. Come join us, we have a few spots remaining in all the Houses. 8 member tribes only. This weekend PvP Boat Event Best looking boat Quidditch Match - Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor
  2. We just closed out the first ever quidditch practice, Ravenclaw vs Slytherin, Ravenclaw won that 60-40. Incredibly fun and looking for some player to help fill Hufflepuff and Gyrffindor. We also did a raptor fight event yesterday and Slytherin spanked everyone on that. Come join the discord and give it a shot!
  3. Join us this weekend as we launch a Grand Opening and receive a complimentary snow owl.
  4. Warhammer 40k Roleplay Server name: Warhammer 40k Roleplay Discord: https://discord.gg/NqqQPPg PS4 Ark Survival Evolved The Island (w/ quest that will expand into other maps, custom loot and boss drops) Roleplay In game quest and events Unique currency system Intricate Discord that directly impacts the game and a solid community of players. Want to play as the Chaos Space Marines? or how the Eldar...no how about a Space Marine Come join us and see the several different races incorporated in the game all with different perks that function off the Discord st
  5. Get a head start in the discord on this awesome role-play adventure. Once Primitive Plus gets fixed we will be going live!
  6. Harry Potter and the Houses of Hogwarts (Role Play) Harry Potter and the Houses of Hogwarts (Primitive Plus) Server name: Harry Potter and the Houses of Hogwarts RP Discord: https:// discord.gg/BGYsrjm The Center (w/ quest that will expand into other maps) Roleplay In game quest and events Unique currency system You control your story Don't miss your chance to get in early. Still tons to do and the wizarding world still getting settled. Welcome to the Harry Potter and the Houses of Hogwarts a Primitive + Server. This story begins where decades
  7. Hey there we are obviously still down on primitive plus but we are starting a Harry Potter theme based server come check it out. discord.gg/BGYsrjm
  8. Musket Engram and Revolver Engram Hey Everyone, I am running a primitive server that really doesn't call for muskets and revolver to exist at all but I can't seem to find the right coding line to completely eliminate from Nitrado coding. Does anyone know the code to eliminate it? Thank you so much for your responses.
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