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  1. Then why my suggestion/idea of start "NEW EVENT - Extra Life For Servers" was deleted. What forum rules were broken? It was nothing bad! Rather ironic indication of the problem of poor server infrastructure. Unfortunately, one of the moderators didn't like it.
  2. My experiences showed, thet It's worth having an additional character on each map. Not only that - in each map you should have at least 2 tribemate with admin privilege to regain the tribe and its resources if necessary.
  3. My fav devs are the ones we dont see.. those who make design - maps, mechanisms, dinos, biomes, bosses, sounds, etc...
  4. Im sure that this topic will be deleted soon.. its WC style. They dont like criticism.
  5. Then they should make backups.. they create this software, not me.
  6. I gave them full implant screenshot. With all Bossfights listed and TEK Cave listed. Then you re wrong. Besides: why do i need to proof, man? Its not my fault.. it was their fault i have lost my character! and proofs of my disappearing lies (or have to be) inside software (backups, etc).
  7. Character restore after rollback? Why NOT the same character? I have lost my character due to rollback. With inventory i have many stuff included color experimental eggs... ALL was wost after server crash and rollback. I have sent ticket and after 6 days i there was meeting with GM that gave me levels and imprinted me dinos. BUT: Why the hell i didnt get full set of engrams , full implant, ascension after TEK cave? I have just received level 105 or previous 120. the reason for deleting the character was not my fault. It's the fault of a poor backup management system - it's the fa
  8. EVENT PROS: Good for kids! Nice Genesis reveals EVENT CONS: Permanent lags, crashes, rollbacks.. it was hardly possible to take advantage of the evo-benefits for players
  9. Thanks for Rates, thanks for dino colors!
  10. Lost character - HOW IT HAPPEN I was travelling from Aberration (from 223) to Extinction (NA 500). When you travel between servers your data is saved into destination server (NA 500) and deleted in source server (Abe 223). AND I have been thrown into NA 500.. after one ot two minutes there was server crash and rollback so.. data of NA 500 was loaded from last backup save... from the time when my character wasnt there yet... Finally after restart server from backup, there wasn't my character at NA 500 and Abe 223... no character, no gears, no equipped 2 rock drakes.. An
  11. My suggestion is to Auto Decay dinos after 2-hours standing close to obelisk - inside bossteleport area + few meters (4-5 foundations range) further.
  12. My money were waiting for it.. Bought!
  13. You really would like me to join with my wyvern and 200+ metal pillars? How many players would transfer like that. Think of it!
  14. I still hope you will some day post any news that you are doing something that will lower lags in official servers. Game is unplayable now. Or change game name to Ark: Lag Survival - Evolved Ark: Server Survival
  15. No event??? No special dino colors? Inside this photo list you have showed us things we are all know. And nothing else?
  16. My megalos still want trike, glowtail, drake, stego's etc egg kibble to imprint. Its not a bug... its BUG!
  17. @Jen please stop writing "tomorrow", "yesterday". Always write full data with one timezone. I always have to think and calculate what day is today for you when you add post. As you know we are all over the globe so always give us absolute time (as at Evo event announce), not relative one.
  18. and what about dinos (for example pteras) that have 12 total hours of rise when x3... one 8 hour imprint should make 100%?? or second one will be 4 hours?
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