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  1. You can be right! Then this camera system have to have some kind of physical drone.. like new version of Scout from Extinction. Its because when Noglin "angers" camera is broken. You can see damage glitch.
  2. Investigation continues I think that OSD view at the end of trailer is a view from Exo - Mek cockpit! ... but still its possible that its a view of new tek helmet or HLNA (the eye of camera at left is an eye of HLNA)
  3. "manage your base to perfection with ease" I think Exo Meks can be found at trailer of Gen 2. AND NOW IM 100% sure
  4. "manage your base to perfection with ease" I think Exo Meks can be found at trailer of Gen 2.
  5. The best thing in this crunch is that you confirm release at 26th of May.
  6. If there will be monthly subscription for game like WOW, WC would take more care of game and players. Sad but true.
  7. No Aberration? Aimbot included? Waste of time.
  8. Sooo predictible Criticism does not always show a lack of love for the case. Just as a father points out his son's mistakes, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love him. You haven't learned it yet, @Joebl0w13
  9. I thought Americans were keen on timeliness. Meeting the deadline is usually part of the contract. You reach far into the future - animated films, Ark II, all for getting new customers? ... and you can't take care of what's going on now. Most of us will be future Ark II customers. And certainly our opinion about Ark I will influence the purchasing decisions of future ARK II customers. But what we have now? Meshing, duping, aimboting, poor official server performance, and of course not caring about given words and terms.
  10. Wow - topic deleted and post added to 156-paged thread!? When your topic is thrown into frustration-of-use bin, its like slap on the face of your client. This game has no future.
  11. Aberration EU 223 2 - 10 players at map. Crash, timeout every 5 minutes. Server reported Any other servers - the same situation. Is this a product? Imagine you have bought a car and its engine turns off every 5 minutes. I think you just have done with putting your efforts into Ark 1, you have packed all official servers into 3-5 times lower number of virtual machines. Just to fill your deal with customers that have bought Ark1 and you have cut your costs to almost zero.. With that policy its hard to believe you will do great and reliable product with Ark 2.
  12. Wow, a week to March 2021 and still no GENESIS 2 info. I bet next crunch will be SORRY, WE HAVE TO postpone release of Gen2 to September.
  13. PvP was fun until: - Managarmrs - meshing - aimbot spoiled it.
  14. But basilisks and roll rats are necessary and they are passive tame not affected with taming boost. Its still old x1 for them.
  15. Have you seen Pitch Black movie? Its like Aberration surface with seekers and Vin Diesel as Ridsausage was perfect in this world. Maybe you will change your mind. It was just a trailer. EDIT: Whats wrong with this forums?.. R I D D I C K name was translated to Ridsausage?
  16. It may be worth considering what the reason is. Hardly anyone has that much time for gaming and Ark is one of the most time-consuming games in the world. The real world considers us arkholics, time wasters, while we just raise our gigas. I think permanent multipliers would have to go to actual x3-x4 (including breeding) so that the vast majority of people would stop complaining and demanding EVO. Otherwise its too grindy game for most people and many people leave ark not because of they dont like it. Time consuming plays a big role in moving away from Ark.
  17. Yes, announcing Ark 2 before release of Genesis 2 is unfortunate. As New Santiago said .. Light's out, old friend. But wait! we havent played new DLC yet and the lights for Ark 1 have already been turned off in the trailer. This can create a feeling that the sense of taking the time to develop bases and dinos in "the old Ark" is questioned.
  18. I love the mood of Winter Wonderland. But the present drop would be more grinch-free if they will appear in random locations.
  19. I wasnt care of lesbian love of Mei Yin and Diana. The only thing that surprised me was the story addition of wife to Helena Walker .. for the sake of today's stupid social justice trend.
  20. Marguerite Bennett (born 1988)[1] is an American comic book writer. She has worked on Bombshells, Angela, Josie and the Pussycats, and her creator-owned books InSeXts and Animosity. Her work has been recognised for her depiction of female relationships,[2] and her representation of LGBTQ stories and characters earned nominations for a GLAAD Media Award in 2016[3] and 2017.[4] ... So its happening, did you know ealier that Helena Walker had a wife? Now you know.
  21. W8. Helena Walker has a... wife? Then im sure it will be released at Netflix.
  22. Real tears appeared in my eyes when I read this story about the monument. Thank you for this!
  23. DILO? Why are you so salty? Just turn off coloring. First you gave people an option. The you are pointing out, when someone use it. Its ridiculus. Many postst ago i have pointed this bug without any formatting. So if passive taming still is bugged, why i cant just shout with colors!
  24. Taming double is bugged. Thats taming using unique Non-Violent method. For example Basilisk and Roll rat - dinos that eat food you drop them are tamed in a old not doubled X1. 150lvl Basilisk eats 9 rock drake eggs, not 5. 150lvl Rollrat 34 honeys not 17. Im 100% sure, since im mostly Aberration player that tamed many basilisks and rats since release of Aberration DLC. I bet it can affect other non-voilents like Gacha, Troodon, Bloodstalker, Hyaenodon, Equus,titanoboa and others too, but havent checked them.
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