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  1. It would be better for Quality of Life that Mantis equipped with tool in hands will get it inside cryopod instead dropping it on the floor. The same situation wouuld be best to store cosmetics skins (for example ghost ones) inside cryopods.
  2. No Aberration? Aimbot included? Waste of time.
  3. They don't care what people say now. They will not be in a future.
  4. Using OP manas dont bend PVP, it breaks it definitely. For example Aberration... this map could be baallanced if the only dinos allowed would be native ones. - no manas - no gasbags - no hover skiff .. then Rock Drake is the king, Reaper become Queen again, Ravagers + zip lines are useful again. Today Aberration PVP is sad place. Zero balance. Zero wisdom.
  5. I could play again pvp, but if there would be mode that you can have only dinos tamed. PVP - all neutered dinos only.
  6. Its because WC dont care of you and this game anymore. You have bought your game, then you have done your job. There was tons of posts at this forums, at discords etc.. of people complaining about manas in pvp. Noone reads it, none listenes. The only thing you can get here is facepalm emote of Volunteered Moderator. I suggest to find another game if you are looking for balance. BUT If you are stubborn, you can try to play Genesis. At least there you can get rid of this poopty creatures.
  7. Hello. I have visited and activated all Aberration Genesis 2 Chronicles, but i got no Federation Exo-Chestpiece Skin. I have Genesis DLC season pass pack Am I only one that didnt get it?
  8. Sooo predictible Criticism does not always show a lack of love for the case. Just as a father points out his son's mistakes, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love him. You haven't learned it yet, @Joebl0w13
  9. I thought Americans were keen on timeliness. Meeting the deadline is usually part of the contract. You reach far into the future - animated films, Ark II, all for getting new customers? ... and you can't take care of what's going on now. Most of us will be future Ark II customers. And certainly our opinion about Ark I will influence the purchasing decisions of future ARK II customers. But what we have now? Meshing, duping, aimboting, poor official server performance, and of course not caring about given words and terms.
  10. I see WC changes Cryopod UI display. It would be perfect to Cryopod UI to display additional base (breed) stat POINTS next to actual lvled values. I have pointed what points i mean at the attached picture
  11. MAIN BASE I suggest Extinction or Genesis, because these maps are best for element and you can keep here all species dinos from all of the maps. (notice its hard to maintain water dinos in Extinction - you need to have good spot for it.. probably all occupied) But i advice to have SECOND BASE in Aberration, not only for metal supply. (there are some good metal spots in Valguero too, but i bet all of them are occupied)
  12. Wow - topic deleted and post added to 156-paged thread!? When your topic is thrown into frustration-of-use bin, its like slap on the face of your client. This game has no future.
  13. Aberration EU 223 2 - 10 players at map. Crash, timeout every 5 minutes. Server reported Any other servers - the same situation. Is this a product? Imagine you have bought a car and its engine turns off every 5 minutes. I think you just have done with putting your efforts into Ark 1, you have packed all official servers into 3-5 times lower number of virtual machines. Just to fill your deal with customers that have bought Ark1 and you have cut your costs to almost zero.. With that policy its hard to believe you will do great and reliable product with Ark 2.
  14. Wow, a week to March 2021 and still no GENESIS 2 info. I bet next crunch will be SORRY, WE HAVE TO postpone release of Gen2 to September.
  15. Hey Wildcard! As you mentioned in teaser, we will have Genesis 2 in March 2021. A week and 2 days is to 1st of March. Any news?
  16. PvP was fun until: - Managarmrs - meshing - aimbot spoiled it.
  17. Good. This is news to boast about!
  18. In PVP sometimes you need to show some of your diplomacy skills. Sometimes it works and you can live side by side with an alpha tribe.
  19. All that problems could be solved if: - there would not be possibility to transfer dinos between servers - there would not be possibility to transfer things between servers (items and structures) If the only things you can transfer would be - naked player - blueprints - materials (metal, crystals, fiber etc...) then game will have its own balance. Best example: Rock Drake would be King of Aberration again.
  20. Yay.. i want a snow at Aberration surface! The snow that is not disappearing in 70 celsius at night!
  21. It wasnt crappy. Yuty-Rex in fight part was awesome. The cave part was very interesting... full of emotions and nostalgia.
  22. But try to get them at Aberration. Presents comming only at surface. When there is 10% night you won't wait for it to fall, because in 70% of the way it starts to burn.
  23. Every time I log into the game I think about giving it all to hell. But it's like heroin. It's hard to get out of this.
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