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  1. Maybe thats what i remember is them saying it ties in well. Im honestly not sure i had just woken up as i was watching the stream.
  2. For some reason I really feel like I heard them mention that it takes place somewhere between operation Extinction I could try to find the live stream and look it up but that's what I'm feeling I could be very wrong don't get me wrong this is all speculation anyway
  3. Yeah I can definitely understand that and that the reason perhaps there's no implants car is because of the Ascension I'm simply speculating that perhaps part 1 of Genesis takes place beforehand and that part two will be what we see after words and that the receipt protocol is taking effect so I think they will tell not only the beginning of Ark but that it will tell a beginning for the world afterwards of Extinction
  4. When does Genesis REALLY take place. Ok so hear me out on this if i recall correctly in the stream when they announced genesis they indicated that it took place between abberation and extinction but exactly when. I think this is false for 2 big reasons 1 the word Genesis means the origin or mode of formation of something. (well as google defines it) and so it would make sense for this to mean that perhaps part 1 of this at least takes place BEFORE you get to the island. reason 2 is no implant scar because helena is training you. also in the One who waits explorer note 7 the one or (helena as i understand) states "i dont know how long it took centuries, millennia? time was especially murky for me then." maybe what this means it that all of ark as the player takes place LONG after the story for extinction after helena has mastered the art of bringing the player back to life but as she knows the dangers of the arks she trains you in genesis a "computer simulation" to prepare you for what life will bring before plopping you on the arks. just a thought but that is why i think perhaps wildcard was leading us astray and it happens before even the island and maybe part 2 takes place after or somewhere between and that is where we will explore arrit prime. let me know what you think and your thoughts as well.
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