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  1. Seriously tossing slams accomplishes nothing gentleman, which is what i will again state what i posted ITS MY OPINION based on my game play not someone else's not any you tubers mine and mine alone, and whether i or someone else plays pvp/pve or solo has nothing to do with it, your free to offer a opinion of your own but make it about the game and its pros and cons, i did not place this on here to get people into pissing matches, nor should any have to justify themselves to others for the way they play.
  2. exactly, it was moved but i stand behind what i had wrote, we make complaints and issues and they are left by the way side,
  3. I must be challenged? why because i have proven a point, and you've proved or summed up nothing, your assuming i don't know what i'm doing in ark, i'm stating for general game play as a whole, and yes i understand english very well.
  4. I've seen where friends in past have been removed, i was not suggesting that mine was although at first i couldn't find my post and did believe it was taken down, i was wrong in assuming that, just following up i'd like to see something more out the forums than just words we the community type.
  5. What seems to be the best part of this topic to me it's based on a opinion, the people who hate it are assuming a senario where i'm completely wrong and then giving a reason, you must be playing pve not pvp or the new map is great because i said so, this is based on my opinion , if you wish to pose argument then statements should be, i think its good because.... slamming me for a posted honest opinion shows nothing but a lack of intelligence, swinging a torch once or twice killing a swarm well maybe your torches are better than mine (excuse me while i laugh) swarms have levels so your gonna be swinging more than twice on a level 140 swarm or a 80 or a 50 but you go on keep lying to the community, seems everytime someone post something negative you have some argument about it so i'm guessing your the guy at the back of the class who disrupts things daily anyways, so anyone playing the game will see my point with certain issues i have touched on and the list is far longer than i had put down, enuff about the bog lets move on to the sea biome i dive all the way to the bottom or swim across the entire zone without agro anything with the exception of a eel or 2 which even after a shock i'm able to swim away so no challenge there, same effect in other biomes i either spawn in or instantly i'm dead before i fully materialize or the linear maps that take away from open world design, what this all boils down to is this game should be hauled back to the drawing board the neg reviews and problems should be addressed and a much better version can be released, but as i had said it's my opinion not yours
  6. Forums are Bias Its no secret to most people that occasionally some players just do not like a game, and post rants to describe they're general dislike, but these general dislikes are from the heart, honest opinions are usually born from actually playing the game, so when these opinions are posted here why are they deleted, i'm guessing because it would possibly alter game sales for the worse, since foul language or racial could be replaced with $#$%^#, i've read a few posts last night and wrote 1 myself, and everyone is deleted so your forums are bias and a lie, if anything directed at a poor game design or would count toward the game as a negative finds its way here its deleted, the forum is where information should be gathered and shared to allow players and game makers to create and play a better GAME so why delete the negative, why is the community not allowed to express actual honest opinions of game play
  7. It is my opinion and id like to freely and openly allow other players the chance to read whats in store for them. i agree not every will share the same outlook that's why its called a opinion everyone has 1, and we are already away from the topic of the opinion which is the make up of Genesis, so on that note your posts are mute null and devoid of point, next.
  8. Again just a opinion, this is not only about the bog this is a opinion based on overall game play bog was stated to show difficulty from players view not being easy nothing more.
  9. I didn't ask for your opinion of me or my years of experience with ark, i'm simply stating why i think it sucks, these are all legit reasons and issues within the matrix of the game none of which are based on me or my individual game play, and just incase you'd like to prove me wrong your more than welcome to post a clip of someone killing a swarm in a half a sec, the game in my opinion sucks.
  10. Why i think Genesis Sucks EVERYTHING This map is a Jumbled mess stitched together and rehashed to resemble something playable, case and point try any part of it as solo player no tribe no mods no tweaking settings, frustration will set in long before you get anywhere, i've run passed carnos that didn't react at all, i've swam in sea for seemed like miles without going near anything or air bubbles and didn't run out of breath, i run around a active volcano (rather cool atmosphere) area but so linear i though i was playing a new version of Diablo, and wait there's more, who's idea was to remove the struggle outta the game by adding that dumb feature of hexagons? toss them from the top of a building, players are getting recources gear and tech long before they should "hey look what i bought", the entire challenge is lost, i can sit in game for a few hours every once in a while clicking on this stupid little floating robot and gather all the resources i want without going to scavenge them wow that makes things so much better, oh and i almost forgot the bogs/swamp this is the easy starting area -Bullsh!t swarms of flies rolling in wiping your stamnia i've personally had 7 waves of these annoying lil things in literally 5 mins, usually takes a minute at least to clear them and after 3rd wave your lucky to have any movement running left, and if you do manage to run away or kill them off don't worry Genesis will help you out by having 1 of the billion F*cking Kaprosuchus/Sarco/Baryonyx kill you off, so now you'll need to spawn in again, and now you need to find and get your body back, wait we can take care of that too, if you don't have or still haven't been able to make a bed you'll need to spawn in randomly to 1 of the other 5 realms of hell, then if your not instead meat-pie immediately or stuck in a whirlpool or whatever, which somewhat reminds of another fail (Atlas whirlpool) then you have to open a menu on some fruity tart floating robot which is supposed to help you on your journey to teleport back to the area you want to be in, this game should have been brought back to the drawing board at least 2-4 more times, if you play on a offical or un-official and have a few friends along side its playable, personally i've had it with the cash grab and being the real world test pilot, screw Genesis season 2 i'm not buying into it, too many faults too many times over the years, i'm not even gonna get into tech support for the 2 days then suddenly i was booted and all signs of that created character was lost, or the players who place stuff all over so you cant build anywhere remotely close to something that would help you (most called pillaring), or the dino's left all over the map which you spawn into yes into try and guess how you get outta that 1, over all i can now see why the website critics are calling this a 2 outta 11 it sucks.
  11. newest apple tech gaurentee to drive owners nuts
  12. The majority of the list is Random dropped, there are a few such as extinction and gen that are going to be harder to attain, this is due primarily to there are far more on existing maps and repeated dino of the simular types found on the other maps. I have noticed that mis-toe gives better drops of gear from the gacha though, 60/40-appren crystal, and those tend to be Journey or better type gear when consumed. (example Ankly which can be found throughout all maps where as Reaper is not) so the chances of the Ankly is highier chance to get) As far as where the chibi is going to drop from and who gives better chance i personally have gone thru 1000's of mis-toe on dozens of gachas doing it the legit way not spawning anything or boosting chances and i have filled standard 90 spot storage chests well over a dozen times with only doubles, if your not boosting the % of the chibi dont bother trying to figure it out you'll only feel deflated, play the game have some fun look thru the list enjoy the holidaze.
  13. we assume they will disappear but at this point we have no confirmations
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