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  1. I will say I did finally get a response from a dev but have too set up a ticket for them too come too server too investigate.
  2. Damn I didn't even get a thank you or we will look into it...I have been replying everyday. But I appreciate the responses from you guys. May be this post can keep topping up everyday and get the attention it needs...tho I'm not hoprful
  3. Yeah, idk man has anyone had any success stories with reporting?
  4. Yeah...I would really like too give them the benefit of the doubt but these issues just continue day by day month by month...and they are such simple problems with simple resolutions.
  5. I have dumped 100s of hours into this game...as have many of us I'm sure. Yet, not only can these moderators and devs not fix the most trivial issues...like meshing for example they don't even have the courtesy too respond when you report the issues or cheating at hand. It has been a week since I got meshed...again...and not a single reply too even say we are looking into it. HOW ABOUT THIS....TAKE CLIMBING PICKS OUT OF THE GAME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE OR FIXING THR FACT YOU CAN JUST ABOUT MESH ANY WALL WITH THEM...FIX THE D#^% HOLES IN THE TEXTURES WHEN THEY ARE REPORTED...NOT THREE MONTHS LATER AFTER COUNTLESS BASES HAVE BEEN HIT. INSTITUTE A DEATH BARRIER FOR PLAYERS (NOT TAMES) THAT ARE UNDER MESH. (YES U WILL HAVE MINOR GLITCH CASUALTIES...OHWELL) Hell, you could just put teleport zones under entire mesh so no one gets under for more than a second...REMOVE GRAPPLES IF YOU MUST SO PEOPLE CANT GRAPPLE AROUND UNDER MAP...And most importantly respond too the fans who have been loyal since launch and have spent money on this (currently) POS game, Who have dedicated hundred of hours and invested hope that you all would take care of the issues that pop up, not just try too make up for money lost with pushing the next expansion! No one wants that garbage if we can't build and raid properly. I don't mind being wiped legit...I learn my weaknesses in my base builds that way but this b.s. under meshing is garbage! If anyone feels the same way please support post and let's see if WC even cares 10% of what we wish they would....
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