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  1. Tamed Dinos need to Shut the hell up. I would gladly subscribe to a mod that would shut up tames. I understand that it helps greatly to hear a wild carno charging me but I really dont need to hear my tamed carno/rex/whatever stomping around roaring every 5 seconds
  2. Gotta agree with this. One of my personal favorite mods. Yay! Spiders are now breedable in vanilla! Now to give them wall climbing and Bolas web shot
  3. I can see why this may be an issue. Some Richard head picks up a bunch of Dilos/Raptors and drops them in someones base, Base owner is offline and thinks that his Passive dinos are all protected behind walls. Dilos whittle away at passive dinos because PVE doesn't have ORP. Still, I dont like the idea of a forced setting. Making this a option in settings is much preferred.
  4. PC - Single player My impatience ( and a Steam/Valve flub) has doomed me. Loaded up ARK for a bit of Single player building fun. Did not notice the text in the lower right hand corner "Loading 16 mods......" Hopped on my single player game. Apparently the Structures Plus mod is no longer loaded (hasnʻt finished re-loading) on my game. So everything Iʻve built with Structures Plus (the real S+ not that watered down kiddie light Sponsored mod version) is no more. UGH... I can replace most of the buildings/structures with Creative mode and regular items but i loved the nifty perks S+ items gave. Gonna leave my ark on while I sleep hopefully it will finish downloading mods by morning.
  5. I believe it's called init file commands? It basically changing the code or something to increase stack size. Never done it personally. But the unifficial server I play on has most things stack to 10k except ammo.
  6. I know that there are admin commands and such to tweak stacknsize but for official, given the meager boosts stat points give, could you even carry 500 wood or iron ore?
  7. Actually, in 2025 June 17th will be on a Tuesday. but that's a long time to wait.
  8. PS4 Single Player ARK ate my Dinos! A lvl 110 terror bird and a lvl90 saber tooth both on wander in my dino pen with smaller tames ( microraptors, Dimorphs, etc) on follow. The Dinos on follow are clustered at a spot in the yard, still on follow and will rush back to the spot if I move them but the Tburd and Saber are nowhere to be seen.
  9. Holy Hungry Herbivores Ark-man! That Iguanodon ATE the guys hand!
  10. PS4 single player Decided to hatch a few of the eggs I got over the Dino love fest earlier this month. Hatched my first Yuty and began imprinting it. Wow those things take some time! With my settings Most tames take about a half hour to 45 min to grow and get around 20 - 30% each imprint and I'll usually get 3 -5 imprints depending on the Dino. Yuty imprinted at 5% each time and grew pretty slowly. When he hit Juvinile I hatched one of the Rex eggs. That one imprinted at 10% per imprint I think I got 7 or 8 imprints by the time it hit adult. Oh, and by that time my Yuty had only reached adolescence. Once they both were grown I made a little kill-stuff-for-XP team of them plus one of the OOPS theris - I had bred my Theris and forgot to disable mating. apparently my base had perfect weather to hatch Theri eggs. Came back from a meat / berry run to a pair of juvi Theris... Oops.
  11. Island unofficial PvE PS4 Began upgrading base to a 2x3 wood shack with a fence to keep the darned Dilos away from ParasHilton. Farmed the items needed for a forge and a smithy. Upgraded to metal tools, a pike and leather armor. Unfortunately it seems most of the Dodos and Dilos we killed respawned as the cursed Ichtyornis. Damned seagulls. KEEEE! SKRAWW! munch munch munch There goes my stack of cooked meat...... Grrrr... They seriously need to get knocked out if they eat my whole stack of narcoberries. Crafted about 20 trank arrows and Tried taming a level 10 trke wanderin the beach. Unfortunately it's nearby companion was lvl 120. One hit death haha. When I eventually got them separated, I put all 20 arrows into it then had to resort to my club to chase it and knock it out as it ran away. At one point it ran to the water and began swimming. I was thinking "Seriously? After all that you are gonna ARK me and drown? or get eaten by a Shark or something?" Luckily it did a 180 and swam back to shore. After a minute or so of chasing and flailing wildly with my club, I finally knocked it out! Right in front of the 120 trike. So, after respawning and collecting my corpse I began taming "Trouble" He stood up at an unimpressive lvl 14! Haha He better not die before I can exact compensation for the trouble of taming him.
  12. Island unofficial PS4 Had a gamer friend try out ARK. Spawned into a lightly boosted server named OBLIVION. After the usual "Where are you?" "I'm by a river. There are dinosaurs here." haha yeah. Oh to be so blissfully ignorant again. Finally met up and started making the usual 2x2 thatch shack as our first base, killing Dodos and Dilos for meat and hide. Tamed a low lvl Parasaur with bolas and clubs. "ParasHilton" by then it was Late for us and we logged in our little beach shack. It's amazing how much more fun that was when doing it with a friend.
  13. Oh gods that blue text. Like a Forum Troodon got me! Can't see... So dark... and they keep nibbling.. and nibbling.. arrgh!
  14. Logged in to the PS4 server after a week long trip. Fortunately no-one took advantage of the week timer and demolished our base. Tho some alert individual noticed the 7 day to claim rule and nabbed some of the pteras and equus at one of our satellite bases near the Wyvern trench. I had prepared a little and bumped the food stat of some of the "personal" dino s so we didn't lose any to starvation. We lost 5 or 7 random pegos that no-one cared about tho.
  15. Logged into PS4 unofficial server to feed the Dinos. Wonder if the tribe leaders/member who all left to play Conan are ever coming back. Pondered doing some culling. Do we Really need 10 pink and yellow Thylas or 20 blue and purple wolves because "OMG it's sooooo pretty!" .... worked a little on my satellite base In the pink canyons. My stupid Pig walked over the railing and fell to the river. had to get my Argus to go haul it back up. Started adding a third row of stone railings along the cliff side....
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