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  1. The longer a server is up the slower it starts running from memory caching. 500 days is still fresh in those terms, because the server isn't storing so much memory that it begins to chug. Trust me, I've had servers that have run for half a year and gotten to the point where it crashes every day because of how old it is. Think 500 days is a lot? Try playing on servers with 1000+. At that time, people start getting stuff like tek. Better yet, jump on and take a look for yourself. We've currently only got a few tribes on here, none of whom have had the chance to build up really big yet. And if their current bases threaten you, then leave. Simple right?
  2. Oxide Ark is a UK based server on Ragnarok. We are a fresh server, still under 500 days and we currently average 10 players a night. Host checks in daily to make sure server is running. There are no active admins, but the veterans keep the host informed on the server status. This also means that there are no rules, except for those that the in-game players wish to enforce.* Server settings are slightly boosted to give a little more of a challenge, yet it is still a lot faster than official. Settings can be found on the screenshots of the OxideArk account on xbox. Add OxideArk to join. *While we wont step in on raids or tribe wipes, if a genuine concern is brought to our attention, specifically in regards to alphas bullying little tribes etc. we will step in.