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  1. Hell yeah me too i absolutely love the lore and new maps
  2. With this Atlas release ARK players are all doubting ark will get some more expansions. I think wildcard should give us some HINTS about whats coming to ark next even if they have nothing made yet it would really raise the morality of ark players and everyone would have benefits from it. We just need to get this idea out so wildcard sees it. Lets all work together and spamm this message everywhere. EVERY POST HELPS !
  3. Oh come on how can you say it like that they worked realy hard with extinktion and it is a great expansion you ungratefull b****
  4. Wildcard has a lot more things to focus on than putting ark on nitendo swich. You guys are still a small team and you never hit your release dates why would you expand to other platforms ?? Rather focus on PC where the "gold mine is" like really ark has so much potential and if they would focus on the things needed they would be soo much more successful.
  5. Good job guys dlc realy is amazing. there is some places on maps where you realy need to fix stuff tho
  6. Now that is what i call a great comunity chrunch. Good job guys
  7. Not me. Someone else did it bit i really agree with what he said so i posted it too. WC are giving us only crap news. i am sure 95% of people playing dont even care about this crap. We would like to see something better than this. And news come out every week so i think they have more than enough time to post something more exciting. This game has such a big potential it is pitty it is not being used.
  8. I don't mean to be overly critical, but when these crunches are supposed to be giving us current news with the game, recapping livestreams and announcing modding contests is not my idea, or many other people's idea for that matter, of news. Extinction is still 2 months away and there's still barely any news on that. The last Digest Q&A didn't really answer any real questions that couldn't be answered by literally anyone. And what is the deal with this Atlas? Is it some new game or a DLC for Ark or a total conversion? There have been no details regarding that and no one has any real details on it. Why isn't anyone answering any serious questions? Why can't we get real answers to real questions? Not all the incessant questions about S+ and all that stuff, but details on the final DLC we've been waiting for literally months and other things that actually matter.
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