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  1. Those 2 things are the most important part about Wyverns imo, i would also not want to fight a Alpha Wyvern with a Lightning Wyvern since the Alpha is always a Fire Wyvern.
  2. So instead of picking one direction, fix/expand Ark or create a Ark 2, you decided to do both while making extinction (and possible already during aberration) ...... Despite the fact i should be happy that Ark is getting fixes and content still, and despite knowing Atlas was coming thanks to a certain Youtube video, i cant help but feel like i have just been kicked in the nuts ...
  3. According to a topic is was in on Steam, the notes where there all along when i posted this, the topic title was just never updated so i never bothered to look at it. I do agree though that even with the listed note for that version, its rather unclear what was actually fixed, but at least there is a note for it i guess
  4. I also keep wondering what is actually standing in the background at the end of the short clip ... It's proll nothing, but it peaked my interest for sure ...
  5. I would take less deadons tbh, those slots just take up places for dps dino's, this fight is a straight up DPS check. 1 or 2 (mate boosted if 2) should be more then enough, the more dps you have in the ring the quicker the dragon dies, the less dmg your dinos take from the fire breath.
  6. Extinction has Moths, Camels and Rock Elementals, add to that all the creatures mentioned by the people above, id say there is plenty of stuff to keep you taming all day every day, combine that with breeding and you have loads of endless fun. Or alteast looking for Rock Elementals, cause there quite rare on this map
  7. Also as a side note the gas balls can be used to make gasoline in the chem bench if i'm not mistaken, at least that's what i did with my spare balls on Aberration dint actually check if that recipe is universal but i recon it is.
  8. I think a mod like Dino Stat level counter would be use full in this case. I don't think you can mod the game to go past 255 points in a single stat, but im also not a 100% sure about that. Also not quite sure what a "save" level range would be, since breeding is a thing, maybe the 300/400 range ? It would still allow for some really high roll if people get lucky, but its hard to tell since stat rolls can be weird sometimes when taming loads of creatures.
  9. Ok now we are talking ... keep this up plz.
  10. So today we are getting a new patch, according to the community crunch, but during the weekend there was a stealth server side patch for unofficial (287.112). Was this patch release a mistake, are we ever going to see what it actually did, or is this the new way of quick fixing things. I dont mind patches, although i would not mind them to be more often when things are as messy as they are atm, but i would truly love to actually know what im downloading.
  11. According to my S+ Transmitter it's dino scan, they are not in the city not even a single one ever, at least not on PC without changing there spawn location.
  12. Funny thing is, there are actually hespo's on the map, only problem is they are in a cave ....
  13. Personally i can strongly recommend doing the DLC in order, even if its just for the story, each map has something to offer even if that is mostly only the map itself (and like Paroxyde said, ascend to the island so you can clean up/prepare for said transfer). I did it the same way, and moved from the island to Scorched Earth and after that to Aberration. Keep in mind though, that certain dino's might not be allowed on the Aberration map, so you might want to think about making some kind of base/storage solution else where to keep all your dino's while you progress the story on other maps. This as mentioned above is obviously a bit more tricky on servers, unless they are private LAN servers, but its worth the effort as you will get a lot of nice dino's from visiting every single story map.
  14. Sadly the crystal, especially the ascendant once, simply seem to ignore loot scaling setting. I have no clue how to fix it, but i recon with some help of the wiki you could make the OP crystals drop nothing perhaps ?
  15. Or just one 25k spire and your done, do a 10k to keep your gen running for a week and bobs your uncle
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