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  1. lordbufu

    Archeology Explorer note locations

    All details (cords, content etc) on notes can be found here - https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Notes That includes a map that shows you all note locations, if by "archeology notes" you mean the new extinction chronicle notes, they are listed under "???" (except this months once since they have not yet been released).
  2. lordbufu

    Rock drake - stealing eggs

    As far as i know, and i could be wrong (its been a long time), when you steal an egg cloaking doesn't help at all. The best way to deal with it, is to simple grab an egg and fly across the river to the other trench, and keep on going in between the 2 until you have the eggs you want. In most if not all cases aggro should drop, in a few cases (nests closer to the river) you might keep aggro for a bit longer. The egg levels are based on what level drakes are in the trench, so the above method isn't the best way to farm for max level eggs, in most cases it's better to just kill everything in the trench to try and get those 190's to spawn so you can get a 190 egg.
  3. lordbufu

    Lightpet and max level detection.

    You need to have the light turned on.
  4. lordbufu

    Scorched Earth TLC

    Considering there are a lot of shared dino's in SE, some already had TLC and as mentioned above that came with some tweaks to certain mechanics. And considering the whole TLC stuff got put on hold because of people wanting more bug fixes, and the new DLC soon to be released, if we are going to see anymore TLC changes (wyvern landing could do with some TLC tbh) its going to be after all the things already stuck in the pipe-line.
  5. lordbufu

    Metal at Herbivore Island

    If your node is gone for good, because you logged off before it re-spawned, and messing with the re-spawn timer doesn't work ... your only hope is an ARK update those seem to force re-spawns sometimes. One of the few reasons why i play solo on a dedicated LAN server, the biggest reason being that it actually preforms better then SP if you have a decent amount of RAM to begin with.
  6. I would suggest to just make a second server, something that is really easy to do in ASM. You can then online Ragnarok and offline The Island as you see fit, this makes transferring things a lot easier. Nothing will be lost that way either, although im also not sure what happens if you simply change the map, but on default settings i could see that causing issues to character and tribe data. If you upload your character on the Island and then download it on Ragnarok, you wont lose anything on the island and can just transfer back when ever you want. And if you go over the setting, you get to decided what you can and cannot upload/download on either server (aside from artifacts, boss trophy's (including Alpha T-Rex) and a few other exclusive items).
  7. lordbufu

    Seeking Alpha Broodmother solo advice

    From the tests i saw on the steam forums, with 13k health megatheriums (80 armor saddles) 10 out of the 19 that entered survived the fight (no pigs but 1 yuti), and they did kill it the survivors had 1k health left with a few that had 4k left. The problem with soloing her with these guys, seems to be the bug killer buff, not all of them will have it all the time as its random who gets the kill on the adds. With 20k health you will most likely suffer less loses, but judging from what i read your still going to lose a few regardless. Personally i would stick with using Rexes with ~50K health and the rest pumped into dmg for a save solo experience, and if you want to really be sure throw a couple of bred pigs into the mix as well. *edit: This all changes if you use the "singplayer setting" that makes everything easier, but since you dint mention that i take it your playing on a official like setting.
  8. Hmmm that creature looks like a owlosaurus ..... 🤨
  9. lordbufu

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today in ARK, i crafted the all mighty chair .... and sat on it 😲
  10. lordbufu

    Wyvern Taming time

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration A nice list of settings and how they work, has all the answers you will ever need to adjust breeding\growth settings.
  11. lordbufu


    Tbh it doesnt really matter where you raise your dino's, this glitch happens outside on the regular ground as well. Besides it being mostly a visual glitch, i do tend to whisle my dino's every so often, i do tend to just whistle follow when i see it happening just in case they really do get stuck.
  12. lordbufu

    Tips for Megalosaurus taming?

    Since Single-player spawns work a bit different then Multiplayer spawns, i can highly recommend getting a Crab and taking that down to the Rock Drake eggs, and hardly anything will bother you on the way down and up. Just make sure to kill every single Rockdrake around the area you want to grab an egg from, and you should not have to deal with 10/20+ drake getting your Crab stuck when you pick and egg, seen this been done on Youtube in Single-player on PC several times it is the best way to get your first egg(s). This might not work on a server because of spawn rates etc, but even on MP you seriously reduce the amount of drakes that come after you when you pick up an egg. You wont need to leave any dino's down in the trench, you can jump in and out of the trench and up and down to nests that have eggs. Hech if you want you can even just jump down to the giga skeleton from inside the blue biome (caution adviced dont do it if you dunno where to jump down) dismount before hitting the ground and you save at least 1 radiation suit since you just skipped that long walk/jump train down via the pathway.