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  1. So instead of picking one direction, fix/expand Ark or create a Ark 2, you decided to do both while making extinction (and possible already during aberration) ...... Despite the fact i should be happy that Ark is getting fixes and content still, and despite knowing Atlas was coming thanks to a certain Youtube video, i cant help but feel like i have just been kicked in the nuts ...
  2. I also keep wondering what is actually standing in the background at the end of the short clip ... It's proll nothing, but it peaked my interest for sure ...
  3. Ok now we are talking ... keep this up plz.
  4. Or just one 25k spire and your done, do a 10k to keep your gen running for a week and bobs your uncle
  5. Seems legit to get your replicator that way, 3-6 element a run ... 100 for a replicator .... sounds like a lot of fun Id rather do 2/3 easy nodes, much more fun better profit, and i can use the time saved on farming lamp posts to fill up my Gacha's with stone to get metal, crystal, black pearls and even element dust if i really need to.
  6. I play on a LAN server solo, for reasons not related to this topic, i defend them all the time solo it is very possible to do this. Just make sure to check the middle vein with a regular non-modded spy glass from a distance, you can then see the health of said vein, 10k = easy 25k = normal 50k = hard. Easy can be done with a single dino or even half decent enforcer, 25k you want to bring a few dino's .... its really not that hard i have more element then i will most likely ever use. PS: depending on your rates, lamp posts and tables etc are really not worth it imo, i see them as a source of emergency dust when i need bit to make a enforcer or feed them for that matter
  7. You don't really ascend from Extinction though, cause there is nothing to ascend to ? Maybe that is why there is no command for it ?
  8. Your sense of humor is amazing ..... its the Windows 10 - October update not the Windows - 10 October update ..... i know it was a long shot but you know IT jokes are always kinda lame The Raytracing was already active, otherwise the Experimental DXR SDK would have been useless. Also nothing is using Ray tracing yet, so having it on or off on your OS or hardware for that mater would literally make 0 difference at this point (maybe after 17 Oct when that should start rolling out). Obviously a slightly different story for developers that are working on raytracing projects from the DXR SDK, but for us gamer it makes no difference atm. The issue atm is simply a driver conflict (and ark is not the only game that has it atm, and also games that are not on UE4 are causing it), give it a week or so and it should be fixed, maybe sooner if your lucky.
  9. How can they try an update from 10 October it's not even 10 October yet ........... ? Not sure where you get that the October patch should enable RTX stuff, not seeing anything in the notes from said patch. I think your confusing it with windows now having official support for DX ray-tracing that is no longer in the experimental phase. In general your all just going to have to wait until Nvidia solves what ever driver call is causing this issue, thats the downside of early adoption, stuff wont work properly. If you want to help send you findings to Nvidia so they can resolve the issue faster.
  10. The OP doesn't seem to understand a lot of things tbh, but they have been pointed out enough i would say, though the one part everyone seems to be interested in is how effective they really are in the cave itself.
  11. Since i had several spawns go into the lava without me even doing anything, id say the odds are quite good on that one tbh. And besides that everyone knew the diplo's are useless in boss fights, since they do 0 dmg, so there push back on cave trash would be there only redeeming value.
  12. The point of Diplo's would be to ride them in the cave part, and push trash into the lava, something i can see working in certain parts of the cave if the spawns are in your favor.
  13. Allo's are great in the Tek-Cave, and there speed is rather good when having to run down the Overseer at the end of the whole cave part. You really do want to breed dino's for this, even if you are playing in singleplayer with the singleplayer settings (and it sounds like the OP does), dmg output during the fight is rather high depending on the difficulty overseer you are aiming for. If you cant fight the dragon and win, you will not be able to take on the overseer, you might be able to clear the Tek Cave but you will fail on the overseer. I am intrested on how the dilpo's do in the cave part though, i never had decent enough diplo's to try that tactic.
  14. Interesting, mine was like back in 2015/2016ish, so they did change something but dint bother to actually cap it. Never really bothered again because of the cap, kinda ruined the fun of raising the level in my opinion.
  15. When did it change to a random number, last time i went over it with a mod (quite a while ago), it reset back to its base value from what i remember.
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