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  1. Take it you missed the part where they said "We've read the feedback from legacy players and know that you've invested time and created memories on these servers. Immediately following the closure of legacy servers, we will be providing the save files from those servers for you to download."
  2. This makes sense, as Scorched Earth definitely has an Overseer. We know this because you can see it's observation deck (long arm) where you would normally fight the Overseer on the Island.
  3. I like the idea in scorched earth where the ark made itself harder when the survivors got too good. However, we as players dont get this, so maybe just an idea for genesis?
  4. Center Exclusive Dino I feel like The Center requires an exclusive dino, Ragnarok has the Griffin, and Valguero has the Deinonychus. Everything on The Center you can get on the island so it just doesn't have much reason to be played anymore, and a new dino would give players a reason to visit the map again.
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