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  1. ChocolateThunder

    orp Can't access any container or unmounted dinos

    I just keep ORP disabled and hope the bug gets fixed.
  2. ChocolateThunder

    orp Can't access any container or unmounted dinos

    I would like to know a solution for this as well.
  3. ChocolateThunder

    30 Minute Spawn Timer when Transfering to Extinction?

  4. My players are starting to have this issue only with this map. Not sure if this is a recent bug or on going thing. Any advice on the issue would be great! Thanks.
  5. ChocolateThunder

    Cave Drops not spawning.

    Still an issue
  6. ChocolateThunder

    Nitrado Servers Down?

    Anyone else having a server issue? 2 out of my 4 maps have been down for a few hours now and I see nothing about them updating. Could just be a Nitrado issue.
  7. ChocolateThunder

    Hosted Server Settings

    Just looking to get a general idea on server settings. Me and my sis rent one through Nitrado and we love it and thought why not increase player count so others can join free of charge. We mainly have 2x multipliers on taming and incubation. What are some other general settings that would be good? ~CT
  8. ChocolateThunder

    Hosting non-dedicated server trouble

    I will look into that. I kinda needed the other Xbox anyways, rather not buy another terabyte. I kinda have a console collection
  9. Hi all, Hope this is allowed here. For weeks Iv'e tried hosting a non dedicated server so my sister and friends can join me but, nothing seems to worker. They can't find the server or when I send invites they accept and once the game begins to load it stops loading and kicks them back to the home page. We've tried joining other non dedicated servers and creating new chars. from there then sending invites once leaving the game as well as other little tricks. So far no dice. We play on Xbox, any suggestions would be much appreciated. I've played the game for years and just really started getting back into it. I'm at the point where I just bought a whole other Xbox One X just host an official server.