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  1. well I did not check the version number cause usually updates are released immediately, but looks like we are still are at 340.3, now the obvious question is why. In the past as soon as the patch log was updated the patych was available for unafficials
  2. any news on this? how is possible that they put out a patch with a patch note that only cites this as fixed and is not, and weeks after is still broken??? Where did they learn programming the developers of this game?
  3. So we just tried this on a test server, 19 theri and 1 yuty, the dinos were doing fine, just last roubnd is though. I rememebr on gamma and beta that it was enough to make four rounds, and for each round you could deplete by 1/4 the boss health, bu in this run it happened twice that we could not make nearly any damage at all, anybody knows why? Might it be that on the first run we did sometime like 24.9% and so in the following round we were onyl allowed to make another 0.1% to get to 25%? same thing happened on third found round: life was nearly depleted to 1/2 after third round, and in
  4. so does not work still? any confirmation?
  5. just beaten the gamma with therezinos and 2 rexes. rexes were pretty strong but were nearly dead at the end. therezino got no damage and were eating only a few cakes.
  6. any update/fix? still broken and I have to restart the map so often cause idiot users go on starting that mission
  7. gen2 crashes everytime it reaches the last wave on beta difficulty, tried and happened 2 times out of 2. Also everything in the inventory is lost
  8. So I was wondering what are the best dinos for gen2 boss fight. I was thinking to use therezinos maybe, as we have them highly mutated, however I was thinking that one might want to level them up in a different way comparing to what one uses against the dragon For dragon - 21k HP and all attack Here - maybe more hp, as there should not be anything that deals damage in % of HP Any thoughts? I would also be interested in suggestions for gen1, there was a thresd time ago but cannot find it anymore, and is not really clear to me what the best dino is, as any dino
  9. how about allowing to withdraw a numebr of stacks such that the player weight reraches the 80% (or whatever is the encumbed limit)? This is the most wanted feature at the moment, as most times one needs to take out as much as possible and still being able to MOVE!!!!
  10. well, as it was the best way to harvest high quality resourcers, including shards that cannot be imported from other maps, yes is not so small. There are worse ones of course, like the ones that destroy months-years of work, but is not a negligible one
  11. It happened several times, missing failed and me dead. One time my mate got even unmounted by dolphin. That really looks like a bug!
  12. is this a bug or what? some time ago I was farming crystal nodes for shards and gems, was working pretty well. tried today, does not work anymore.
  13. I am a server admin and I am trying to customise mission rewards. I am currently testing the configuiration, and to do so quickly I cannot really play all misions multiple times to get the reward, so i use cheat forcecompleteactivemission 0 command to complete the misison instantly. However this is problematic for the "Survive the ark mission", as doing so does not give you any reward, as this is a special missoion that has not end, and you get a reward only if you finish wave 10. Any workarounds for this?
  14. sometimes it takes more than a year to fix a simple bug on this game...
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